The 100: Eden
April 25, 2018 10:34 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Clarke struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched earth while her friends in space come across a long awaited beacon of hope.

A decent premiere catching us up on what Clarke did after last episode. The bonding with Madi was nice, I enjoyed that.

I liked it, but I found that I don't have a whole lot of thoughts on what was a very solid episode. The one thing that was a surprise until I realized it was obvious is Bellamy and Echo being together.
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I've really been looking forward to this, and was not disappointed. I also don't have a ton of specific observations, but things are only really spinning up right now. A few scattered things that caught my eye though:

* I did crack up when Clarke insisted 'they'll never find you in the Super Seekrit Hiding Spot' and the cons immediately found Madi.

* I was a little surprised Emori and Murphy lasted so long - there's a line at the end about how they only broke up 6 months ago, but I would've guessed 6 months in.

* The blood sport stuff at the end did surprise me a little. Not the cage matches, but having fully lethal ones.

* Monty's apron was great.

* I'm not so sure Octavia will forgive Echo right off.
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I enjoyed all the stuff with Clarke, but I think my favorite part was seeing how the dynamics on the Arc had shaken out. Of course Murphy is off sulking in a corner. Of course Monty has a fantastic apron.
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Literally everyone got an Adult Haircut or Makeover except Emori. This is my disappointed face that she's still in the same damn headscarf. >:(

Excited to see how Octavia com Floor Cru has been running shit now that she's back in her natural habitat.

Super disappointed to see the bunker cru possibly "culling" the group to preserve resources. I'd hoped that having a diverse population with different ways of approaching the same problems would foster more creative solutions. Then again, it looks like this season's enemy is just... space prisoners? and... that seems pretty silly. After 100 years, how did the Ark not know about the space prisoners? And if nobody's launched other spaceships from Earth for like, I don't know, 107 years, then how long ago did these prisoners get convicted and why? Were they born on a prison transport, or...? Ugh. I'm really not sold on this idea at all.

A whole season of "all that is left on Earth is mutated sea creatures/radioactive birds that poop acid bombs/3-headed deer with 157 racks of antlers" or similar would be more interesting, IMO. Because war that always ends in genocide minus the same 17-ish survivors is starting to bore me, especially since my faves (except Octavia) were killed off already.
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