The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 8
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The Pine Guard's prey proves too elusive for them to take down with their usual methods, forcing them to turn to outside help. Like ... FAR outside. Ned fights his reflexes. Aubrey flames out. Duck gets his victory fanfare.
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That was a very good ending.

good good ending boy
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So I have two questions about stuff in this arc that is evading my mind's eye.

1. What do the "hot springs" in back of Amnesty Lodge look like? I was envisioning like a bunch of naturally formed hot-tub sized pools in a rock formation, but Griffin said something about a wooden floor? And vents? So now I'm thinking it is more like a manmade pool? Is this a real thing I am just not familiar with, or is Griffin kinda vamping and there isn't a real example of what he is talking about?

2. What is Beacon? I think the original description was a whip sword, so I am envisioning something like this dealie that Snoke's guard had in Last Jedi, but I guess it can also just stiffen (magically?) and become a normal sword?

Help my deficient visual imagination out here, folks.
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I picture it like Ivy's sword from the Soul Calibur games.
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I'm imagining the hot springs being not unlike Bagby Hot Springs, where the springs have been routed into tubs on a wooden deck. Those photos are mainly of the single-person tubs, but there are also larger communal soaking tubs that sound more like what Griffin was describing.
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OK, those are both very helpful, thank you!
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I had a suspicion about the nature of the Enchanter as soon as he was mentioned, more so once the animal-people were explained. Love that it’s Healthcliff this campaign. I squealed and clapped.

Now we just need a Leon.
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I absolutely loved the Heathcliff reveal.... But all the same, I really really wanted it to be Garfield, traversing across universes.
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also I really really want to get the mystery box so bad
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From what I know about Griffin I assume the hot springs look like a Japanese Onsen.
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Maybe it's a coincidence but Heathcliff recently supplanted Garfield as the internet's favorite comic strip cat.
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Now we just wait for the Garbage Ape's inevitable appearance at Amnesty Lodge.
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I'd never heard of Heathcliff before this episode (maybe it's not big in the UK? Or perhaps it's just a weird blind spot of mine) and just read the wikipedia page. I feel like I'm missing the joke: is there a specific reason why it's particularly apposite/funny to have Heathcliff pop up as the Enchanter, or is it just because it's fun to have a popular, weird character appear unexpectedly?

As an aside, I was a bit disappointed when they decided to go with Amnesty for a full arc, but so far I'm enjoing it a lot more than I expected.
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Heathcliff was on TV in the uk. But was never all that popular.

The joke is, I think, that the enchanter is essentially the Amnesty arc version of fantasy costco, which was, of course, run by Garfield the deals warlock.

The description of the Enchanter was of a cat person meant to imply that it was going to be another incarnation of Garfield the deals warlock. But then... isn't.
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I thought it was going to be Pam-Head, Garf-Body.
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