Babylon 5: The Long Dark
May 5, 2018 4:46 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

An ancient Earth vessel, the Copernicus, is found when it drifts near Babylon 5. Meanwhile, Garibaldi takes an interest in a raving veteran of the Earth-Minbari war. "Take my advice and go back to the time you came from. The future isn't what it used to be."

-The Copernicus was launched not long after our current time. It's a cryogenic sleeper ship with a crew of 2. Unfortunately, the crew--a husband and wife team--has been reduced to 1. The husband died in cryosleep... but his organs are missing. His wife, Mariah, becomes the focus of investigations.
-Franklin is assigned to the case. Mariah and Franklin bond way too quickly for a woman who is either a murderer or a shell-shocked widow, and they kiss.
-Meanwhile, a Markab (bald race with scaly skulls, a distinct lack of nose, and looking like they're 90 years old from the moment they're born. or hatched. or whatever.) is found on B5... also missing his organs! The murder mystery ain't a cold case anymore.
-The Markab ambassador helpfully exposits that they have legends of monsters like this, and it clearly wants to kill Mariah, so let them have her. Franklin is unimpressed.
-Meanwhile, Garibaldi detains a raving "gropo" (ground pounder; a Marine; an infrantryman) for not having the appropriate missionary license for proclaiming the End of Days in the Zocalo. He realizes the man is suffering from PTSD, admits he has some himself, and tried to get him help. Amis, the gropo, says he doesn't want help: he is warning of a monster on board. This is surely completely irrelevant to the main story. Oh, no? That's not how pre-Sopranos monster-of-the-week TV works? Alrighty then.
-Amis' PTSD was caused by encountering this organ-stealing monster and nearly dying to it during the war. It turns out the monster feeds slowly, and while his unit was stationed on a remote moon to spy on the Minbari, his fellow soldiers were picked off one by one. He was the last surviving member, and when he was found he weighed 85 pounds and was missing, err, a lot of his internal organs.
-Mariah and Amis, both having been 'touched' by the monster, can psychically track it. They do, and security staff shoot it a tonne until it explodes.
-Turns out G'Kar's book of G'Quon describes the beast.
-It also turns out that the Copernicus passed by the moon where Amis had been stationed... but then it suddenly changed course, toward's Z'Ha'Dum. Y'know, that minor planet G'Kar keeps mentioning in connection with the Shadows.
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Gah, this episode. Good parts:

-Dwight Schultz!

Not good parts:

-pretty much the rest of it.
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