Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Show Me Going
May 7, 2018 6:22 AM - Season 5, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Official Fox synopsis: "When Rosa responds to an active shooter alert, the rest of the squad is forced to stay back, desperately fearing for her safety. Feeling helpless, Jake frantically brainstorms ways to offer his assistance, Terry faces an existential crisis and Gina and Amy try to make themselves useful by fixing Rosa’s broken toilet."
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this was so good, b99 is so good at doing the Feelings Episode in ways that don't feel forced or glurgey.
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Nice Gina, Rosa and Amy sandwich!!!

I made that sound gross, didn't I ? Sorry....
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If it weren't for the clumsy "Show me going" exposition, this would have been an absolutely perfect half-hour of television. As was, it was an A-plus half-hour of television.
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I was getting ready to be pissed when they sent Jake off to barge in to a dangerous situation while Amy and Gina were literally stuck fixing a toilet. But then it turned out Jake couldn't do much either, and it got all emotional at the end.

Highlights: Charles' Speed Racer costume (I thought he looked like Popeye the Sailor), Gina standing stoically while Amy destroys a toilet, Gina being suddenly enthusiastic about hugging.

Also, the cold open: I fully realize that all they did was say "Hey, we don't have a cold open, let's just put Holt in a funny hat" but the actors are so good and the characters so familiar that it totally worked.
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I like when the opening titles tread on someone's lines, as happens in this episode and a few others (my favorite being way back when Boyle explained his "Weast infection" joke with "it's a pun on Diane Wea—").

When Terry was nervous about his mortality, and Holt said something like "Here's an interesting fact to reassure you", I was already laughing in anticipation of what he would say (and was not disappointed).

Jake's subtle smile at Boyle, after Boyle unsurprisingly confused Jake's concern for Amy ("Once I'm married, if something happens it won't just affect me") with concern for himself, was perfectly sweet.
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I loved the Speed Racer costume, Amy's attempt to find an instructional video, and Holt's outfit. He reminded me of some kind of subtle Paddington Bear cosplay.

That Jake did not go barging in to help Gina was a great sign that he is maturing as a character under Holt's mentorship.

I'm still not 100% settled over uniform Amy being a floor down or so. Not that I'm against her promotion, but it makes bringing her into the storylines a little more awkward when they're centered around the precinct.
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Good point. We totally need a framework for the uniform stories (we're shifting from bullpen-street-apartment to precinct-street-apartment and it's a little rocky).
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Was anyone else expecting there to have been a uniformed officer down that the precinct was unaware of even being there? Considering the tonal tightrope the episode was walking with "haha but seriously there'ssomebody killing civilians and one of our own is in the mix" and the set-up with Officer Avacado I really thought they might go that way.

Don't get me wrong: so glad it ended with the group hug in the women's room, and Gina's "Yay!" But I was seriously prepared for a bummer ending.
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I liked Holt's attempts to reassure Terry because I actually do find stats like that reassuring, but find it entirely reasonable that most people don't. That's one of those jokes where the next 15-20 seconds of the show are entirely predictable and maybe even funnier for it.
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Everything is garbage. Never love anything.
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Alhough the news is grim, there is a chance that Brooklyn could wind up in the hands of another network or a streaming service, much like what happened with The Mindy Project moving from Fox to Hulu.

Six seasons and a movie 😪
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Aw, drag.

On one hand, five seasons is a good run for a sitcom, and they're ending things at a point where a lot of shows start to experience a decline. I also think that the show accomplished its underlying goal: To demonstrate that you can show diversity on a sitcom without turning the characters into one-dimensional token representations of their race/gender/orientation. As well as its primary one: Creating a dynamite ensemble comedy with a memorable group of characters who will live on forever in reruns and streams.

Even if Fox is apparently taking a torch to its "prestige" sitcom lineup in favor of mind-numbing sports programming (as well as reviving a low-rated/reasonably-cancelled Tim Allen show to cater to MAGA chuds), I have hope that B99 has already helped light a torch for the cause of quality network comedy, and that the cast and crew will go on to even better and bigger stuff in the years to come.
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Well, that's a bummer.
(Also sad about Last Man on Earth getting axed. The show spins its wheels far too often, but every now and then it has moments, both emotional and highly absurd, that just hit like a ton of bricks. And Will Forte is a genuinely weird person. Maybe Hulu will come to the rescue of both shows?)
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Amazing news!!
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Well, this has been quite the emotional roller coaster the last couple of days. NINE NINE!
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