Infinity War and rest of the MCU [ALL the spoilers]
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This post is necessarily going to require spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and likely the Netflix spinoff shows as well. The Netflix shows make cracks about men in powered armor; Sokovia gets the odd mention, and Agents has been used as prequel/teaser content for more than one film. Now we have a year between Avengers 3 and 4 while other media continues to come out. If it's in the MCU in any way, consider it open season for spoilers and discuss how the rest of the shows will or won't handle the aftermath of Infinity War while we wait for Name To Be Announced to resolve it all.

Personally, I'd be fascinated to see street level stories handling half the population turning to dust. Is that what will set off turning Earth into an apple core in the glimpses of the S.H.I.E.L.D. future? How will Luke Cage handle a Harlem suddenly with half the population? What beloved supporting cast might we lose?
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In SHIELD, you've got to assume the snapture will split up Fitz-Simmons again.
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It's Fitz's turn to need saving.

Theory: Fitz gets snapped, but the frozen Fitz in the space station doesn't.
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Prediction: All the "we can't die, we're invulnerable!" talk points to who's getting snaptured on AoS. I assume Coulson and May also get snaptured, leaving us with Daisy, Deke, hopefully Mack (if Mack dies I riot) and Robin Hinton left as SHIELD's only living remainders.

Honestly, I have NO idea how this all ties into the Netflix shows. When JJS2 came out, I thought there might be some hints at how the shows would all come together after Infinity War (or at least set up the next Defenders). Either I missed those clues on first watch, or I forgot them all after binging the season over a long weekend.
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If Agents of Shield don't do the Snapture they are cowards.
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I'd assumed that AoS just existed in a completely different MCU timeline now (insofar as there is no such thing as Inhumans in the movies), albeit a timeline where Thanos is still on course to bring the Infinity Stones together.

Given how many story threads from past seasons they're sewing up here, I think they're planning for this to be the big wrap-up, so it would be super-weird if they Snaptured a bunch of the cast with no possibility of a satisfying resolution next year.

Even if they do get another season, I can't see them doing an entire 20+ episode run from late 2018-19 with only half the cast, because we all know this isn't getting fixed until Avengers 4 in May 2019.
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Be a good way to cut costs if you need to reduce your salary outlay though.
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One of the things that I wonder about, though, is that I know how comics work. And I think we've all figured out that Dr. Strange had some time manipulation shenanigans in mind when he let his stone go. So, the dusting of half the universe is probably going to be undone, in a way that maybe not even most people will remember. In that case, any episodes made between movies will be a Dynasty style "it was all a dream while Coulson was in the shower" thing that never happened.
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Well, if the show is likely to end anyway, they might as well kill half of them off. That's one likely theory. Leave it for Future Show Writers, if they exist, to figure it out!

Or uh...gravitonium can do some kind of shield to protect anyone in the Lighthouse from random disappearance. Yeah, that's it.
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The Cancellation Bear actually rates SHIELD as more likely to get renewed than not, though only barely.
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> Theory: Fitz gets snapped, but the frozen Fitz in the space station doesn't.

If frozen Fitz gets snapped, wouldn't that have interesting repercussions on the timeline?
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Renewed, but the snap took half the episodes.
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They're also claiming that's totally not why they're pushing Season 6 so late.
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It doesn't have to be the primary reason to be something they take advantage of, or even something they agree to because of that payoff.
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