iZombie: Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher
May 8, 2018 6:28 PM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Liv is on bad cop brain, after detective Benedetto is murdered. Blaine gets to know Angus. Chase and Fillmore-Graves gets closer to finding the new Renegade.

Whoa what an episode! Quite a few shoes dropped. Another episode where plot happens and we're getting closer to stuff tying together. I loved the humor and all the character stuff.

I didn't think solving Benedetto's murder (poor Enrico Colantoni, but at least he directed this one!) needed a lot of screen time, and the writers clearly agreed. Just a reminder: We learned that Benedetto was not the most upstanding cop in season 2 when it turned out he was running an unsanctioned CI program with college students. I like that the show lampshaded how lack of budget lead to characters talking about action that happened offscreen and Malcolm Goodwin was so good in reenacting them! The murder basically was only needed to set up AJ appearing on the show so we got that reveal later, and Liv's detective brain leading to her tracking down Major to scratch Curtis.

Even though we've never seen Curtis before, he's clearly someone Liv cares about, and that was enough stakes for me to care about his rescue. So many one-off characters with some dimension really gives life to the city. Like now Curtis is going to have to go through the same thing with his wife that other zombie/human couples do.

So I wonder if Blaine is going along with his dad's spiel for a long con involving his nationwide takeover. I do like it when David Anders show off his musical chops.

Every season Major and Liv have a falling out and they somehow starts shagging again next season. I wonder if this one will really be the nail in that coffin.

Other highlights:
- Full on cop show and movie references. Amazing. My favorite was Liv with the sunglasses CSI: Miami style and the "yoooooooooowwww" that was actually Cavanaugh screaming
- Liv's bad cop routine was actually great, especially when she's slapping Fleabag with the fish
- Don E, as always
- Of course the French guy would gets converted by Brother Love
- Dad Ravi is wonderfully overprotective
- Dale having a vision and we got to see it! But her not really acting like the mayor means either Liv's really giving into the brains' personalities, or maybe she's more affected because she's been on them for longer? We've also seen other older zombies being more affected, like Blaine and Don E.
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The writers are having a hell of a lot of fun.
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Am I the only one that is kinda on FG's side on the making-more-zombies thing? There isn't enough food to go around! If they run out of brains either the zombies or the humans will get massacred. Not that I'm a capital punishment kind of guy. But the principal is right, the zombie coyotes are making things worse.

To the writers' credit I think they do a decent job presenting both sides of the issue fairly sympathetically. But my feeling is we're supposed to come down on Liz's side even if we understand the other and I'm the opposite. I understand Liz et al's position but I think they're wrong. Until a stable food supply is established it's badly irresponsible to keep bringing people in.
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Yeah you're not the only one. I'm still on the fence. I only care about the coyotes because I care about what happens to Liv. But as critical as I am of what she's doing, if I was in her shoes staring down dying humans, I don't know if I could turn away.
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This is the issue with species like zombies or vampires or whatever: you can't have too many of them or else there's a food shortage. Especially in a walled city.
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The Curtis storyline demonstrates just how horrifically sloppy the coyote operation is, though. You have humans working with you. Their brains are an intrinsic intel weakness. You need to protect them, FFS.

I mean, yes, documenting the zombification of smuggled people including everyone's faces is a poorly-justified disaster waiting to happen, so we knew this coyote operation wasn't super smart in the first place.
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oh yeah, I better see a damn good justification of this little documentary or I'm not shedding a damn tear for Levon if he goes under the guillotine.
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