iZombie: Mac-Liv-Moore
May 2, 2018 11:17 AM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Liv is on white rapper brain this week to find his murderer while Seattle is on lock down as an escaped serial zombie killer is on the loose.

That was cringingly fun, I'm glad that Liv got so many side-eyes from Clive as she was acting like a rapper. I know we speculate a lot on why the recent brains seem to affect Liv more than earlier seasons, but I think part of it is that Liv just enjoys being able to act out these fantasies. I think it actually makes the show more fun, contrasting how dark everything else about their world is.

I'm not sure where they're going with the two zombie teenagers on Major's squad, but I found them trivial compared to everything else. I'd rather have more screen time for the D&D stuff!

Blaine's plan is certainly ambitious, and I guess no more Mr Mayor, not that he was such a great guy to begin with. I want to know more about how he's planning on infecting the rest of the country. Man that's exciting!

Also Don E has been super entertaining lately. Virgin computer hacker brain fits him well. Although I could do with a bit less stereotyping.

Peyton will probably have to officially support or condemn "Renegade" now that she's mayor. But I guess she can hide Liv's secret long enough, at least from the public (but clearly not anything from Ravi). I'm glad that Ravi didn't immediately jump down Liv's throat for being Renegade, and was more concerned with Isobel's situation. I appreciate they trying to do the right thing with her, but clearly the show wants her to be a guinea pig.

Chase is like the most frustrated person I've ever seen. I can't imagine trying to run the city (officially or not) with everyone undermining you and then a goddamn zombie killer hold a gun to your head. Turning the dying asshole into a zombie just to smash his head later is petty af but I can understand it.

Sooo Clive and Dale are gonna break up so he can just date Michelle right?

trivia: this is the second CW show that Christie Laing (Michelle) has been on, she was previously on Arrow as Carly Diggle, John's sister-in-law. She looks really different with her hair pulled back.
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So, Blaine puts the mask on after greeting the mayor and giving him the drugs to snort. He sure is confident Liv only gets a flashback of the shooting and not a few seconds before....
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Ah yeah I forgot about that. I think Blaine's counting on Liv not being able to trigger stuff before the utopium snorting.
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Why would a zombie in a place where brains are money leave an incriminating brain in the head of a dead person?
I get wanting to prove they were not a zombie, but the video . . .
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Also, did they actually say that Peyton was now the mayor? Because I missed that big time.
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Someone, I forget who, calls her "acting mayor" when they see late mayor Baracus on the bench.

Don E/Bryce Hodgson is the secret MVP of this season.

It will be interesting to see how they pull together all these storylines in the final episodes.
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the Frenchmen called her that I think, when she showed up on the crime scene. i mean, seeing the corpse of the person you're the deputy for would definitely earn anybody that title asap.
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Is the Zombie Liv look gone for good? I miss Zombie Liv.
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This episode was hilarious. I've found a lot of Liv's personalities cringey, but the rapper thing managed to make me laugh almost the whole time through.

The D&D game was also pretty great, especially the bit about '200 hit points.'
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i also miss zombie Liv!
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Count me in for missing Liv's zombie look, and finding the teenagers an insipid waste of time.
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I loved this episode simply because I couldn’t see ANY of the major events coming. It’s tough to get that from a killer-of-the-week serial drama.
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