Elementary: Once You've Ruled Out God
May 9, 2018 7:43 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Watson and her half sister have conflicting reactions when their estranged father dies; Holmes and Watson hunt for a stolen plutonium shipment they fear will be used to make a dirty bomb.
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I feel like this episode could have benefitted from being split over two or even three episodes. In general, I wish they would do more multi-episode mysteries aside from whatever season long overarching villain they decide on, but particularly for this episode, I think the mystery could have leant itself to being spread out more.

I especially wish they had spread this out more so that we could have had more time to focus on the non-mystery aspects. We don't even find out Joan's biological father died; we just end up at the funeral, and in general it felt like she didn't get adequate space to deal with this. Maybe it will be brought up in later episodes, but I doubt it.

Did anyone realize that the government agent guy was going to be a double agent? I definitely didn't see that one coming.

One other thing that's been bugging me: So in the last couple episodes of S5, we saw Sherlock hallucinating. Are we supposed to assume that was just his brain trying to get him to seek treatment rather than an actual symptom? More generally, despite the occasional headache, it seems like he isn't really that impaired, but at the end of last season, he was so bad that he forgot about Shinwell's funeral. I know the symptoms come and go somewhat, but still.

Also, it seems weird that Sherlock wouldn't go to the funeral with Joan at the start of this episode, unless she explicitly asked him not to.
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The interviews with suspects have convinced me that they're playing one of the Falloutses...

(Suspect) What do you mean? What are you talking about? I didn't do nuthin' and you can't prove I did! I want a lawyer!

(Sherlock) [SPEECH 90] Are you sure you shouldn't just confess for no reason?

(Suspect) You're right. I did it.
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I know the symptoms come and go somewhat, but still.

Yeah I really hope this is a malady with an actual arc and not just "Hey it comes and goes to suit whatever we need to have happen in the plot"
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