Cobra Kai: Strike First
May 16, 2018 8:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Daniel is dismayed to find a new Cobra Kai dojo has been opened up. Johnny learns his dojo has to pass several safety requirements before he can actually start teaching.

Syfy: Finish them! Cobra Kai’s first two episodes are free to watch on YouTube Red

npr: A Crane Kick Of Nostalgia Right To The Throat: 'Cobra Kai'
There are much better shows I have enjoyed much less; that's just how it works sometimes. And it's hard to calibrate what this would mean to someone with no particular attachment to The Karate Kid; I was right in the sweet spot of its appeal and have a nostalgic fondness for it that many do not. But if we must reboot our beloved old favorites, it's much better to see it done like this, using the passage of time as an asset and a way into a different story about the same people, than as a cheap rehash with the old cast perched on it like check-cashing cake toppers.

IndieWire: ‘Cobra Kai’ Review: ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel Series Perpetuates Orientalism While Telegraphing All of Its Punches
And yet, the YouTube Red series has a bumbling and earnest ‘80s throwback appeal.

Entertainment Weekly: In its second episode, Cobra Kai continues to be a much better show than it has any right to be, or even, really, than it needs to be — this easily could have been a Netflix oddity that floated by on nostalgia and gimmick, and instead it’s something unabashedly fun and undeniably addicting.

AV News: Cobra Kai just gave YouTube Red its first bona fide hit

Deadline: ‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed For Season 2 By YouTube
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I really like how the show is much more nuanced than it needs to be.

Doesn't seem like there are "good guys" and "bad guys" (well, there are definitely "bad guys"); rather, just people. Complicated and flawed people, like people tend to be.

I'm reading pretty close to zero nostalgia from this show, though. A lot of sympathizing with regrets though. Tired of the "cool kids" social manipulation, but when have kids never been terrible to each other?

Bold move to have the obvious kid antagonist/ bad guy be a popular, physical, and physically attractive asian guy. But I know/ knew someone similar to that, albeit not a "leader," circa '96-00 in college but even he experienced tons of racism (fwiw, I'm Canadian Chinese, and this was in Iowa).
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Strong episode. Great use of music to start the episode (won't be surprised if there is a scene later where Johnny is happy having so many students and Glory Days is playing).

Best part, paraphrased:

"Is there any way you want me to clean the windows?"

"I don't care. Whichever way is fastest."

..."Clean the toilet on your hands and knees" *chuckle*

I love it because it sort of reflects the idea of "strike first", also it indicates that Johnny teaching karate isn't about his students, it's about him. Most importantly though, it's the exact opposite of how Daniel was trained in the first movie.
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