Killing Eve: I Don't Want to Be Free
May 20, 2018 7:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Jodie Comer is so utterly, gloriously ferocious as Villanelle. Every time I see her wild-eyed, manic glee at whatever unexpected thing that has happened, I wish I could enjoy surprises even half as much as she does.

I like that they focus on her face whenever someone is making an emotional appeal to her. I know it won't work, but we're so trained to expect it to work that there's always a moment where I think it might.
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I loved this little scene:

Eve: What if it was Villanelle?
Carolyn: It's not all about her. Now, Eve - don't pull that face.
Eve: What face?
Carolyn: That determined face. It's not going to happen. Stop it.
Eve: I can't.
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The pills that Konstantin takes are codeine phosphate 30mg; the LD50 is about 10mg/ kg, Kim Bodnia's around 100kg (220lb) (?) so his LD50 dose is 1000mg (a gram) so he'd need to take 33 to have a 50% chance of death.

Alcohol can decrease the minimal lethal dose, but Konstantin's likely has a good alcohol tolerance (and thus more "liver enzymes" or cytochromes) so his LD50 dose should be well north of the average.

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Someone read "For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn," and said, "I can do better."

"I don't want to be free." :(
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I LOVED that poor kid whatsherface, the one who didn't want to be free. loved her at first sight, whenever that was. figured she'd get killed but I'm so glad V made it nice for her, checking twice and distracting her right at the last. so sweet that she made a real friend on the inside, so glad she recognizes real quality. whatsherface was no sniveling misery sack like Nadia, she was top notch at being whatever it was she was resigned to being and I'll miss her. V won't but that's ok, she was a good friend while it lasted.
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The pills that Konstantin takes are codeine phosphate 30mg; the LD50 is about 10mg/ kg, Kim Bodnia's around 100kg (220lb) (?) so his LD50 dose is 1000mg (a gram) so he'd need to take 33 to have a 50% chance of death.

glad to hear it. I sort of expected a quick pop back to the house so V could discover the capsules were empty because he plans ahead, but as it is he'll just have a nice euphoric boat ride and that's better, really.
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In comparison, T3's have 15mgs of codeine.

Regardless, Villanelle ought to have known that he only took a trivial dose.

Perhaps she wanted to play cat-to-mouse with him? Opioid painkillers to delay circulatory shock?

Heck, there're people who have a gene variant where they can't metabolize codeine into morphine and codeine does next to nothing (like myself, but I respond fully to morphine iv).

Its unbelievable that her Russian is so rusty that she can't read a prescription bottle.
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Pretty sure Caroline has sent her hunting to find The twelve rather than being part of it herself.
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My guess is that Villanelle is Carolyn's daughter. That's why she's been looking for her.
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It does not seem like V has much reason even before recent events to be loyal to her employer, so perhaps Carolyn has been feeding V information (about Konstantine's daughter, for instance) in exchange for information about her kills? Carolyn's team had a lot of information about Villanelle's kills before Eve joined the team, and it would make sense that Carolyn is steering Eve away from pursuing Villanelle because she wants to keep using V as a source.

Presumably because she can try to figure out what V's employers are up to through who they target? IDK, that's where this theory kind of falls apart.
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"You hit me with a log! You hit me with a log!"
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Konstantin had really good knowledge of how V works plus a lifetime of experience (he strikes me as a fieldwork kind of guy) plus home-turf advantage plus an opponent who at that point was probably physically exhausted and still healing from a previous beating...and it was still really close. A split-second one way or the other, and she could have easily shot him.
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Ugh, I had a feeling, but I was really hoping that it wouldn't be Carolyn on the prison footage.
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