My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 407: Morton Shart's Joke School
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In this episode, Justin reveals to the rest of us that he has enrolled in celebrity-led internet comedy classes. As you might expect, this becomes a primary focus for the other two brothers throughout the remainder of the program. Suggested talking points: A Georgia-Fried Prawnline, Saddle Bag Spanking, Guy Club, Bathroom Friendship Window, The Worst Money Zone Transition in the History of Earth, The Sitting Tree, Einstein's Bones
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Great ep overall but I feel like the last yahoo was somebody's shitty racist joke rather than someone being dumb. :-(
posted by kmz at 3:56 PM on May 21, 2018

They could have just kept on going with The Worst Money Zone Transition in the History of Earth and I'd have been fine with it!
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This episode was so funny.
I thought it was, wonderfully ironic? In a very funny and delightful way? That Justin saw fit to pay for comedy classes from someone who he runs comedy rings around every week. And that the classes were laughing-at-not-with fodder for almost an entire episode of exquisite goofs. I think S—- M—— is and has always been a hack from the stone ages and it felt very good to laugh. (I’m not gonna say “at him” but, the laughs felt good.)

I think it’s interesting from a character perspective that Justin seems the most outwardly insecure about his talent/funniness, and his and the boys’ career arcs; perhaps driven by worries about how reliant they are on the irreplaceable chemistry that makes MBMBAM work. It’s just something I have picked up on from all the various little brain pellets you get from consuming all this content.. Justin always seems to be the one pushing them into new things. Like the Trolls 2 thing etc. and this comedy class thing reminded me of when he shared that he did a short stand up set at a local event and didn’t do very well. I just thought like well I could see that happening. But it’s ok. I just don’t see something as formal, solitary and structured as that being the right venue for you. I don’t exactly know what the right venue is (not that anyone asked me lol) but I would also be anxious as hell in a similar situation. Two kids to support and I’m making money but not from anything I can replicate or plan on or even explain.
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Justin was 100% dad of 2 kids in this one, and I loved it.

IIRC, Travis used to be the most insecure about his role in the show, partially because Justin and Griffin's sense of humor match more closely.
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There was some mention in a recent episode about how Griffin and Justin knew about fans saying they stepped on Travis' jokes, and I feel like they took that to heart and now give him a little more room to breathe and he's been just knocking it out of the park lately.
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I love whenever Justin refers to his many many children.
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They announced on Twitter that they have cut the final Yahoo from the episode, once they realized the racism. And they thanked everyone who did the emotional labor of helping them understand that it was racist.
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I dunno, I feel like Travis's contrasting sense of humor was a lot funnier when J&G shut it down more (c.f. Sad Libs). Same with making a good pun and them not even noticing, or choosing to ignore it.
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Justin can be great without the other two. Sawbones is getting a book this year, and I imagine just about anyone would watch a cable TV adaptation of that podcast if they could talk netflix or someone into a deal using good book sales (not that they've ever mentioned or discussed such a thing, I just wish it existed).
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IIRC, Travis used to be the most insecure about his role in the show, partially because Justin and Griffin's sense of humor match more closely.

It's weird because they definitely do but there's also other family dynamics at play with the two older brothers rounding on the youngest child. Doesn't happen as much as Justin and Griffin turning on Travis but when it does, as in this episode...

"So what do teens like Griff?" "Yeah Griffin, what do teens like?"
"... the succ?"

Exquisite. (and good on the boys for dropping the racist joke. I can understand how they missed it but it's really obvious in hindsight)
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