iZombie: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away
May 22, 2018 5:04 PM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Major hides Liv away to keep her from surrendering to save a coyote. Ravi helps Clive solve a murder.

Of course French FG cop drives that car. And I figured he was going to be supporting Brother Love after being so taken by his sermons.

And Ravi on White Girl brain was hilarious!

Man, Liv and Major playing house on old-love-dovey-couple brains was... weird. But the twist of the brains being of the couple where the wife killed both was pretty great, and annoyed-wife Liv is perfect.

Yay the rats are back! And I suspected Isobel's brain would be a cure! Good thing Liv didn't eat it before getting kidnapped by Major or those old feral zombies would've broken that cage to get at her.

I am doubtful that Levon will survive the season, but I'm annoyed at the show that all of Liv's love interests are always dying, except for Major. I'm guessing something will save Liv after Levon's already executed.
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Do not miss Rahul Kohli really getting into character.
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Loved Ravi this go, but I was pretty unhappy with Major dosing Liv with a brain without asking.
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No point in getting attached to anyone Liv dates.

Damn, Clive. Damn. Now you can eat your own brains and solve your own murders now, I guess? It was a hoot having Ravi do it, though.

1950's brains was uh, interesting there.
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With the show based in Seattle, it really feels like it should be called amaZombie, not iZombie.
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Major keeps being super gross even as he tries to be good.
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