iZombie: And He Shall Be a Good Man
May 30, 2018 3:43 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Chase and Fillmore-Graves prepare to execute Renegade and her partner, Levon. Meanwhile, Angus leads his zombie-horde to storm a city gate and spread to the rest of the country.

I was in tears with Clive and Dale appreciating getting the cure from Liv. Poor girl has been through so much, and even then she's still sacrificing for the happiness of her friends. But I'm glad she has so much support as Renegade.

I didn't think Levon would survive this season, but I was quite surprised that Chase didn't either. That climatic scene with the quick cuts was less than impressive though, I get that they were going for more comic-book-like stylings, but I think good old fashioned TV show slow-mo would've been great.

Also, it's not clear that Frenchie asshole survived, but did he play Brother Love, by helping the army at the gate? I guess he was on FM-G's side all along? Still, stick him under the guillotine!

Man, Blaine is just one lucky son of a bitch. But him playing roulette via Candy was hilarious. I wonder how Major will deal with the halt of brain supplies as a commander, aside from making that deal with Blaine.

The show is really ramping things up every season. Since the next season is slated to be the final one, I hope they can wrap everything up. But I'm impressed that all the dangling threads this season got tied up mostly neatly.
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I’m pretty happy to know that there’s a planned end now. The show has evolved so well from procedural into serial, kept its characters interesting, and blown up its premise at least once. But it’s not a 7-season show. There are only so many times Ravi can invent a cure and have the rug pulled out. They know they’ve played that card for the last time now, and they played it effectively.
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I did like that happy ending wrapup, though that was so "this is our last season" that I'm not sure what they'd do now.

Yay for "Brother Love" dying, now we know why they didn't bother to fire the actor (though I'm sure that knowing it was his last season was about it).

Ravi's "I know" moment and then her calling him out on it was just great.
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yes! i loved that moment. it's little things like that that makes me love this show.
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I forgot I said this, until browsing the Recent Activity page, and I'm glad the documentary was used effectively, but Levon's death was not emotional enough for tears.
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Nicely done. You could certainly tell they were hedging their bets as to whether or not the series would get another season.

Which came first, naming Levon or titling this episode?
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heh, I'd never heard of the song. I'd say his name came first!
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It was Elton John's first big hit!
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I think honestly at some point though it’s probably too late at this point, I would love to have had Liv have a breakup where they just didn’t work out and it was fine, not for some star crossed reason but just because they didn’t actually work.

Also, I’ll be sorry to see Chase Graves go, for all his faults. The actor played complexity well.
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