Colony: Puzzle Man
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Will and Katie put themselves at risk to make contact with the Resistance. Broussard pieces together IGA secrets left behind in LA.

+ Helen's Day

* Helen (codename Skylark) is awakened in the middle of the night by German (Swiss?) speaking armed Black(?)hats, puts on some clothing
* is physically escorted to a busy ops room, overhears 'San Bernadino'
* multiple hostile flying objects had penetrated RAP defense grid, left the moon a new crater where The Factory used to be
* three took damage, entered Earth's atmosphere
* Helen offers to put her population to work in California, is met with approval by the Swiss Chancellor, "We must all adjust to the new reality."
* SC: this attack was just a sortie, main fleet of the hostiles still on its way, RAPs thought they had more time

+ Broussard's Day

* strolling the empty streets of Hollywood [1] [2] with a M4 carbine (because flying drones, but avoidance is better)
* collects single-cut shredded documents from Homeland HQ, which he has made his own
* yep, he's been tediously stitching documents together by hand and continues to do so
* from daily radio chatter, there's a dispatcher and several other operatives, using taxi lingo as code
* dispatch lady tries to flirt with Broussard

* while ransacking nearby homes for supplies, he discovers a boy hiding under a desk
* slowly approaching, boy's mother threatens him with a pistol
* Broussard offers to get them out of the Block

* Claire wants outside the Block/ Colony, B suggests San Fernando Block, Claire sees through the Greatest Day bs they do there, antipathy towards religion is why she left Indiana for LA
* B drafts boy to stitch together documents

* B and residual resistance has been ferrying stay-behinds to San Fernando
* Claire accedes to going, B calls in his "two passengers," makes use of an underground railway built by cartel tunnelmakers

* B doing his thing at HQ, injured Dispatch (Amy?) arrives, found B from boy saying he did puzzles at police HQ
* rest of resistance team and passengers - dead
* Amy sews herself up, wants to hike North, thinks B is crazy for reconstituting documents
* B isn't so crazy: post-rendition LA to be used to build a bioweapon; step 1 - repopulation
* Amy: it's already happening in post-renditioned Seattle, wants B to "get this to the right people"
* en-backpacked, B leads Amy out of the Block - straight through a checkpoint in the wall, like the one the Bowmans passed through

+ The Bowmans

* Alan teaches Gracie how to lie better, Charlie easily passes a Streetsmarts skillcheck
* Gracie asks a probing question, Alan sidesteps

* Bram and Katie approach the meeting spot, Will covers from cover "Radios on, safeties off."
* they meet a contact (Janet?), Will comes out plays show and tell, are sent on their way on a train
* the train is moving Occupation supplies, branded breakfast cereal is still being manufactured
* Alan tries to steer the Bowmans to lose themselves in the wilderness and just survive, reveals that he has a daughter who's fate he is unwaware, Bowmans remain adamant about meeting the Resistance

* Bowmans arrive, questioned by Vincent (?), plays show and tell
* the gauntlet is still hot (radioactive), is missing the drone caller (?), drone caller is nicknamed "Clicks" by the Resisance, at least one of which they are in possession
* Gracie is a fantastic liar
* Vincent is a little creepy, softly takes possession of the gauntlet, Bowmans accede
* the whole gang moves out on foot
* Vincent drops hints to Will that there are factional infighting at the camp
* group is met by camp sentries, checks everyone for electronics, Alan stashes his locator in a random hole

* the camp is busy and armed, with all sorts of folk
* the sentries are passively hostile to Vincent, obtains gauntlet from Vincent to present to "him"/ dear leader

- names assigned from IMDB based on actors; I don't think Claire, Amy, Janet, Vincent were ever named onscreen
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re: Click - I'm not sure my description was accurate; "Click" is a RAP, not the drone caller that Broussard used to call the flying drones to Red Hand HQ. I think.

So, I think Vincent is saying that they have a RAP (either at the camp, or otherwise accessible).

I'm not sure why Amy needs to get B's info to the camp in person, they have coded radio - maybe she just needs to be around other people, social need plus safety in numbers.
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Broussard stitching together the documents was about the most Broussard thing ever. (I really appreciate how he's been portrayed on this show the whole time - he sort of reminds me of Mike from the Breaking Bad universe.)
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I'm presuming that Maddie and Burgess arrived at The Factory before it got turned into a new orifice for the moon.

most Broussard thing ever

"The lonliest man in the world."

re: repopulation - the only way I can make that work in my headcannon is that the renditioned colonies are repopulated with beaten-down and broken people. Like, renditioning a colony is getting rid of all the apples and then restocking with GMO/gamma-treated ones.
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I was thinking about Maddie, I'm not sure that they're done with her. But I suspect Nolan is probably done for good.

I thought this episode kind of highlights the ending of the first part of the show. The big threat hanging over everyone, the factory, is gone. Broussard is leaving the block presumably forever, as are the bowmans. The show sets up the next environment for the characters.
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the ending of the first part of the show

Great point. Broussard and Amy just walking out through the checkpoint is a stark contrast to last season's finale with all the checkpoint drama. Also, the Bowmans arrive at a new location after being forced out of their temporary sanctuary.

Huh, never thought about how the Bowmans were able to unwind and heal and generally de-traumatise whereas Broussard has been under siege (constant threat of drones) but busy helping people leave and tediously trying to gain RAP/authority intelligence.

I can't tell if this is the writers being clever (I haven't gone back to check for consistency) but different groups seem to have different lingos. Authority/Occupation, RAP/Click. In the current season, characters refer to [Colour]hats (Redhat, Greyhat) but I thought characters actually used to call them [Colour] Helmets (or were they just a fan name?).
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