Colony: Maquis
May 27, 2018 3:30 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Six months after escaping Los Angeles, the Bowmans and Snyder enjoy a simple life in the mountains until a sudden arrival changes everything.

+ Last Season Recap:

* resistance (Noa) from outside the wall hook up with the Bowmans, retrieve an alien artifact from Red Handists
* Noa, the Bowman's only contact with the outside resistance, dies during the retrieval
* LA Block is being completely "evacuated" pending Total Rendition
* Helena gets a new job, offers to take Alan with
* Will and Broussard contacts Alan, wants him to help them get out of the block
* Alan agrees, but wants to come with, "I just... don't want to be a... rat... any more."
* Broussard wants to stay behind in the Block
* lots of alien ships seem to come for the evacuees
* the Bowmans and Alan make it through the security checkpoints after some drama, leaves the city

+ And now:

* the Bowmans are living in a rural homestead, bearded Alan feels relegated to being a servant
* Katie and Will's relationship has never been stronger
* the perimeter alert goes off "earlier than usual"
* a RAP mini AT-ST-looking land drone approaches, encounters a survey line for the property, walks away
* the Bowmans are suspicious why the drones are avoiding them
* Will teaches Gracie how to flyfish, Katie teaches Charlie how to rig Predator undetectable booby traps, Alan "feels like a Masai tribeswoman", Bram learns about radio on his own
* Bram explains numbers stations, triangulation, Will plays it safe and tells him to shut it down
* nevertheless, Bram persists and Alan encourages him to contact the resistance
* Will is super content, Katie is frustrated and wants to get her fight on, Will accedes, Katie starts to give him a treat
* Katie and Will are rudely interupted by a spacecraft (of previously unseen design) crash

* RAP flying drones chase after the downer, Alan exposits
* Will drags Alan with him to(wards) the crash site, "Less talking, more walking.", "I'm doing my best. Your legs are like nine feet long."
* Will: "You ever heard of a RAP ship crashing before?", Alan: "You mean other than the one your son detonated over the Block?"
* Greyhats are joining the party in Blackhawk helicopters
* Will and Alan find a fancy gondola station, use it as a lookout
* crashed ship is a Very Large crashed ship, continues to be attacked by RAP flying drones
* Alan identifies the ship as likely not RAP
* Alan exposits on The Factory rumours - intended to manufacture space defense weapons
* Will and Alan philosophise over "enemy of my enemy," Japanese alliance with Nazi Germany

* Katie and Bram retrieve The Package, actually checks to makes sure the gauntlet controller is still in there
* Bram does that stupid teenager thing asking Katie if she or Will wears the pants in this family
* Gracie blames The Package for their troubles, Katie moms, Charlie is prematurely old, Bram continues to play with his radio

* Walan spot a platoon of Greyhats, Will decides to try shooting them up a bit because what the hell why not
* Walan returns to the cabin trailing a dozen pissed of Greyhats
* a shootout ensues, the Bowmans stage a clever organized retreat in detail
* Katie gets shot in the backpack, Bram gets his first kill
* Alan has the kids, suspiciously sends mistrustful Bram along with them and takes off with a lame excuse

* Will executes a Greyhat stuck in a beartrap
* Will and Katie run out to the survey line, a RAP land drone shows up like an enthusiastic puppy, splats the pursuing Greyhats, walks away
* Katie: "What the hell?", Will: "Not the first time."
* Will and Katie meet up with the kids, Alan's still gone, decide to continue to the meeting/ staging point without him

* Greyhats (led by one Scott Garland?) are poking around the shot-up cabin
* Alan huffs up, pissed off that he wasn't rescued - after activating "the locator" (seen in the previous finale)
* Scott is annoyed, Alan is Done with his living situation
* Alan's (volunteer) mission is to find the missing Host (defector?) and then activate the locator

* Katie convinces Will to find Noa's camp, Will accedes
* Alan returns with a story
* Katie falls for it and is amused, Will is less credulous, Bram apparently goes along with it, Will remains unconvinced but they all mount up in the truck
* Bram plays with his radio again, Charlie lends a hand
* Bowmans encounter a curious treefall, Will and Katie stop to investigate on foot
* Watie find a crashed aerial conveyance, finds a dead biological inside

* Bram gets a radio response, gives out their names, gets a contact location

+ Maquis (French): shrubland biome in the Mediterranean; name adopted by rural guerilla French Resistance fighters (maquisards) during the occupation of France (WWII)
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Has there been any speculation on the nature of the drones' weapon system?

Despite leaving trails there doesn't seem to be any overshot when splatting someone suggests it's not a particle/mass weapon. It seems to gooify gear too, and may be the same weapon used to attack the crashing starship. Smart swarms of nanobots with high explosives?
posted by porpoise at 5:54 PM on May 29, 2018

Just realized that I made a mistake - this is not Bram's first kill, not even his first kill with a firearm. He did that official dude in during a home invasion during the Red Hand attack on the Green Zone in LA Bloc.

But his parents don't know that.
posted by porpoise at 3:30 PM on June 6, 2018

So this has hit Netflix and I'm catching up. Forgive me for reviving the threads. Some nits to pick:

-So Will tells Alan to go tell the family to meet at the rally point while he draws off the greyhats. About 45 seconds after Alan makes it to the cabin, Will shows up there too. I guess the cabin was the rally point?
-they somehow have power for the tape deck?
-hope there was nothing important in Will's duffel bag as it just gets ditched and forgotten.

Anyways, on some larger points - it does look like the RAPs might be in a larger war, which might be why Will isn't on their "disintegrate" list.
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Heh, lots of cabins have generators - they're usually loud. I totally missed that the first time around - if it was intentional, they were closer to "civilization" than depicted.

My former supervisor bought a plot and put a pre-fab cabin on it 'up North' and powering it with solar panels and batteries (and propane). Getting hydro (electrical systems provider) to run cable to his new property is not-rational (unless he can get every neighbour and get a few scores more to move in to be neighbours to chip in/ demand).

Not too concerned about go bags. They are, by definition, duplicates and another (should) be available at the next 'secure site,' if such exists.

wrt RAPs, that's the only possible explanation I can think of - RAPs have some other stress point where human civilization might be an asset against it.
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