Into the Badlands: Chapter XVII: Enter the Phoenix   First Watch 
May 28, 2018 2:33 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Sunny returns to the Badlands, seeking a cure for his son Henry; The Widow and Chau wage a bloody civil war; a new threat emerges.
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Is anybody still watching this? My wife and I just binged the first two seasons and watched this first episode of Season 3. Really enjoying the show so far, and it seems like they've got a bigger action budget now.

Main quibble from last season: I hate what they did with Veil. First I never quite understood why she saved Quinn to being with, and then Sunny stupidly not (metaphorically) double tapping Quinn meant she had to die. Bleh.

Also, and this is pretty common on all action shows, I feel so bad for all the underlings whose lives are just totally expendable. The main characters alliances shift like sand but it's the cogs and clippers who pay for it.
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I'm going to watch. Too many shows to keep up with but this one is definitely on my radar.

housekeeping note: do we need the First Watch spoiler condition? It causes all of the episodes with the same condition linked together, so the Previous link goes to the last one that was marked First Watch, and not the others, which aren't. I understand this is usually preferred, but this isn't an especially popular show, so I don't anticipate needing First Watch and Rewatch conditions. Mods?
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Oops, that's my bad, I was just trying to indicate that I hadn't seen the rest of the episodes from this season yet.
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I've been watching and enjoying. Even MK is a better character this season. What I'm not into is the way the fights have become completely over the top fantastical absurdity. While too bloody for my tastes before, the fights at least felt possible (or tongue-in-cheek playing with those limits, like the Widow's high heel fights). So it's taken me a bit to get into the new fighting style.
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Haven't finished this episode as of the writing of this post, but I have to say that the decision to add Nick Frost as a regular to this show may be the best decision... possibly in the history of television? It's amazing what having a bit of comic relief can do for a show that in its first season was way, way too serious for its own good. Also, his fight scenes are great.
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The second season of this show was very good. The tension came from no one knowing who else was dead or alive (Sunny, Veil, MK, Quinn), and waiting for all of those people to rediscover each other as their personal journeys were featured. The big bad, Quinn, was a really good choice.

The third season is suffering so far (three shows into it) from a lack of a true big bad, and so far, from MK's ridiculous story line. I found MK to be the weakest link from the very first show; he is kind of repulsive, with the constant face-making and pouting and whining. He should have been offed during the second season, since Bajie is obviously vastly superior as a sidekick for Sunny. Still wondering what happened to the Butterfly regent in the wheelchair, and to Jade. Maybe they died or were banished and I just don't remember.
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I was hoping to find out what happened to the rest of S3 after it was cancelled. I think Netflix Canada only has up to E5. Wikipedia says the rest of the season exists, but where? {lifts corner of rug} Nope, not there.
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Netflix in the US has the first 8 episodes of the 3rd season. The second set of 8 episodes are right now only available on AMC Premiere, which (in the US, anyway...) is 4.99 for a month. You could watch all of the episodes you haven't seen yet and cancel it before the month runs out...I have done it twice so far with AMC. Into the Badlands got really really good! The last few episodes are pretty epic. I just finished watching it an hour ago and am missing it already.
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Yay! The rest of S02 made it to Netflix Canada. I thought it was pretty good, too. Too bad there won't be a S03, because the writers hinted at a range of possibilities that I'd like to see them work their way into/out of.
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Netflix US now has all 16 episodes. I just started season 3, second episode, but it looks like Fanfare gave up on this show and this is the last post. Which is fine, TBH.

I like the introduction of a new faction into the show; I was plenty done with Quinn and the Barons chess game. Although having a bunch of Black warriors come in speaking in an African accent to the Southern Plantation Territories is, well it's not exactly subtle. But this show has never been allegory about really about anything, it's just big dumb fun, so I expect any messaging will be pretty limited.
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Was thinking about this show so came back a year later to say I made it all the way through Season 3 and the end of the show. It was good! It was also bad in places and a little repetitive. Very middlebrow all around but ultimately good entertainment.

Babou Ceesay and Lorraine Toussaint were excellent additions to the show and their story took things in a good direction. I had a lot of quibbles with various characters' arcs but since this is a post about S03E01 I won't post any spoiler details.
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