Into the Badlands: White Stork, Spread Wings   First Watch 
December 1, 2015 8:44 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Baron makes a surprise attack on the Widow, while M.K. begins his training as the colt of Sunny. Veil is called upon to help the Baron's son, still struggling from the attack on his life, and M.K. recovers a book which might reveal a clue to the city of Azra.
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Looooooving how the Widow's daughters are turning into more and more of an homage to House of Flying Daggers.

Also, goodness Quinn is so creepy even when he's asking Veil to cure him.
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The Widow's top clippers are definitely super fun to watch. Here's a question: Is butterfly girl really her daughter, or is 'Mother' just a title she refers to the Widow by?

Quinn just kind of walks around with a certain level of creepiness about him, be it the odd contrast of looking like a religious zealot, who bans the bible, to just a dirty post-apocalyptic plantation owner. I was expecting Quinn to make some sexual advance on Veil, so I found his request for help...slightly relieving.

I was delighted the book had what appeared to be sanskrit writing in it.

M.K. keeps me guessing, though, not in a good way. His lines come across as if two different people are writing for him. One writes him as kind of a depressed teenager who's quiet and just wants to go home and the other writes him as a bit of wise ass cracking jokes. The conflict bugs me.

The fight between Quinn and the Widow was beautiful. The wire work definitely ups the level of quality and spectacle to this show's fighting.
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I was also super relieved when he didn't do anything to Veil. I'm happy that so far sex in this show is consensual (IIRC), and I don't think it needs to go down that path to keep up with the suspense. Death really needs to be scary again.

That's the same impression I'm getting from M.K. some of his dialog have been unexpected in a weird way, but for now I'm chalking it up to the character trying to act tough like most teenagers would.
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