Legion: Chapter 17
May 30, 2018 3:55 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Yay Loudermilks!

The song from Lenny's first scene: Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
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(And here's the Jacques Brel song that played later: Mon enfance - "My childhood passed / With women in the kitchen / Where I would dream of China")
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Best damn car on the lot.
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Glad I'm not the only one experiencing Repo Man flashbacks
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I hope Jon Hamm is gone for good. He overstayed his welcome.
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* Melanie: 'how do you know this is real?' / Kerry: 'when I hit someone, they fall down'
* Chekov's gun closet
* love Lenny though at this point the whole party seemed like a poor use of showtime given everything that's going on
* although....Shadow Baby?
* missed opportunity to use Iggy Pop's Repo Man theme song when Lenny turned on the car
* enjoying seeing Amy exercise some power

I just don't know about this season. It feels like there's so much more story that could be told than is being told. It's lacking much of the character development of season one (or it's filling in back-story rather than developing and feels too focused on flash and slight of hand. And yet the story is beautiful and intriguing and keeps me watching.
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Yeah, it's starting to lose me. The last three episodes have felt like filler, which is especially jarring after so many spectacular preceding episodes. And, by filler I don't mean plot wise, but rather that in previous episodes each scene grabbed and held my attention, while now they seem to be less intense. Not sure what's changed, but I don't like it.

Also, have colored contacts gotten worse in recent years or is it because of HD formats that Lenny's newly blue eyes look distractingly fake?
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I think it's because coloring in dark natural eyes like Aubrey's means you have a mostly opaque special effect lens which tends to get a bit cockeyed if they don't sit quite right. You notice it when characters have cat/goat/etc eyes too.

And.. Yeah, I dunno this season. I mean, I'm enjoying the story more than I enjoyed the last season of Twin Peaks because I can still sort of see where it's going even if I don't know that I like how it's getting there? But the amount of time spent sort of filling in the margins while dancing around the main story, I dunno.
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Which is annoying - I like Farouk's style, he's an interesting enemy with his own distinct style, the back and forth whether David should help him because Future Syd said he should or not, etc - that's all been fine. I dunno, so much Farouk Time is being spent with Oliver-as-Proxy, and Oliver isn't really all that interesting when he's not being a hilariously dated guy who's out of touch with modern reality. And so much is happening in what I can only imagine would have Astral Projection lines in the comics, but they haven't figured out a way of conveying that, so it can get terribly confusing.

Add in how much David cannot reveal about what he's doing because he knows Farouk will just psychically sniff it from his friends and.. Ech. It makes for a hard show to get across.
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I have really enjoyed many of the eps from this season. Not this one. Lenny’s slo-mo house party. Rewatching scenes we’ve already seen. Why was Kerry suddenly not understanding metaphors? I don’t ever remember that being a part of her character before. And don’t get me started on Melanie. Melanie this season is like a failed Bechdel test made manifest.

What was the “Cornflake Girl” line? All I could think of was Tori Amos.
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Yeah, I'm hoping Melanie isn't as passive as she seems and that she is going to have had agency all along, because right now she's a classic ankle-breaker.
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Plate of shrimp
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yeah i was pretty confused by this episode. like it's not super clear how Oliver is manipulating Melanie, and also why if he can do that then why can't he manipulate others in the same way.
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This episode had doom written all over it the moment the title card said "thirteen days earlier". the show moves slowly enough without flashback episodes that don't move anything forward...at all.

I guess sometimes the life of a repo man isn't intense after all.
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