Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season Four - First Half
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The first six episodes of the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

1: "Kimmy Is...Little Girl, Big City!"
2: "Kimmy Has a Weekend!"
3: "Party Monster: Scratching the Surface"
4: "Kimmy Disrupts the Paradigm!"
5: "Kimmy and the Beest!"
6: "Kimmy Meets an Old Friend!"
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Watched the first episode so far and I think they've got back on track after season 3 was a bit shaky. The "great steaks" line was very funny, and I think the joke in the preview of her singing "Friday" is a perfect call back to her not knowing pop culture references.

(Is it a tiny bit unfair of me to be annoyed about the Game of Thrones spoiler if like me, you haven't watched Season 6 yet? Probably. I'll let it go.)
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(IIRC it wasn't a real spoiler.)
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Oh yay, then! I closed my ears as soon as I realised what they were discussing, so I didn't get if it was overly ridiculous or anything!
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I've been surprised by how the show manages to be wacky and light-hearted, while simulatenously being quite dark and brutally on the nose. Not just the MRA caricatures and the 'HouseFlix' documentary, but the throw-away one-liners, like when Titus notices the kid in the corner of the meeting room:

"Oh, don't mind him. We've found that executives are 30% less likely to commit sex crimes when their own children are present so it's company policy."

Also, Kimmy trying to drown Jan the talking imagination backpack, omg. "She's trying to kill me! Tell the cops I'm under a dragon cloud!"
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Third season was definitely shaky but I'm enjoying season 4 a lot more.
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I thought this was pretty good, after not loving last season. The Documentary in Episode 4 hit so many good notes.
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Oh my god, the documentary episode, holy shit that was good! Wowwwwwwwwww. Damn.

There were some things I wasn't too into (Lillian plots mostly), but when reality/bunker is influencing things, holy shit. The Beauty and the Beast parallels to the bunker? MeToo? Kimmy wanting to write a book? This was pretty good stuff.
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This was a solid six episodes but I'm annoyed they are holding the second half of the season until 2019.
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I love when they show glimpses of the super weird world this show is set in. Clones! Jet blimps!

Also I would watch a whole show that's just Jacqueline and Xan busting into dudebros' rooms and teaching lessons about respecting women by smashing up the place.
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I was wondering why there were so few episodes! But since Season 3 really dragged, I wasn't too upset about it.

I just finished episode 3 and the way they handled Kimmy's white female privilege was wayyyyyy better than I would have expected. Maybe Tina Fey actually does listen.
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Why don’t they call it two 6-episode seasons, which is what it is, instead of a two-part season spread over two years??? (Mad Men also did this.)
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I keep thinking that too. It drives me nuts.
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This show would be much improved if they ditched Titus, Lillian, and Jacqueline. Kimmy's the heart of the show; at this point the other leads just contribute buffoonery that has little to do with Kimmy or with the central premise.

There's an alternate universe where they made leads of different characters: characters who are mirrors for Kimmy (like Xanthippe) or who relate to her storyline (like the Reverend or Gretchen). The documentary episode was by far the most interesting this season, but I found it a little dispiriting because it was a look into what this show could be.
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I dunno, I love seeing more of Carol Kane! Jacqueline, on the other hand, I could use less of: her whole storyline sunk last season.
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This show would be much improved if they ditched Titus

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Whereas my wife and I want a Titus and Lillian prequel show.
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I want The Unbreakable Titus Andromedon
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Titus is about 85% of why I watch this show.
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I've always seen the other characters as being companion pieces to Kimmy - people who have been shut out of mainstream society for a number of reasons, including active rebellion in Lillian's case, and having been part of mainstream society and then ditched in Jacqueline's. I agree that sometimes,last season especially, they kinda lost the plot and it was too much "wacky side adventures", but overall the supporting cast is all part of the same story. Titus transforming from a werewolf to a man is one of the funniest and darkest bits in the show for me, for that very reason.
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Titus is a great character and a unique character, but the show has really lost its way and he's a big reason why. A Titus spinoff would probably be lots of fun, but I think he breaks Kimmy Schmidt's show.
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