BattleBots: It’s On Discovery Channel and Science Channel Now
June 6, 2018 1:49 PM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Wait, what? There’s a new season? And it’s already halfway done? Well, they’re repeating some tonight and they’re probably On Demand or whatever. IT’S ROBOT FIGHTING TIME!
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I stumbled on it pretty much by accident a few weeks ago.

It's better this season too: less interminable presenting, more fighting; and they're not doing strict brackets this time (or at least not yet? I'm a bit hazy on how they eventually determine a winner) so at the moment the episodes are more "here's a bunch of fan-favorite match-ups, including a 3-way rumble.".

The last episode had a robot with a cannon! which was exciting but a one-shot weapon after which got beaten into submission. And aren't projectiles supposed to be against the rules?
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Incidentally the "IMDB Series Info" metadata goes to the 2000-2002 incarnation; I think the correct IMDB link for the 2015- version is . I think that would be a mod fix.
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Robot fighting championship is one of the few things I genuinely enjoy about our dystopian future (present).
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For those of you building deadly robots along at home, I've found the BattleBots Design Rules [pdf].
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The new season will be comprised of 20 episodes, so quite a few left.

Projectiles have always been legal, but in the old rules they were required to be tethered. The new rules allow for limited untethered shots, but only after a strict safety review to make sure they won't breach the arena walls.
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Visible during the Blacksmith fight this week: a camera drone hovering over the arena.

Horizontal spinners do seem to run a very big risk of flinging and/or overturning themselves in reaction to their own weapon impact. Drum spinners seem much more stable here, with the reaction simply pressing them down onto the arena floor.

I really like Huge's big bendy bouncy wheels; they always look like they're about to crumple, but never do.
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