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This week, to celebrate Alex Goldman's return from paternity leave, a Yes Yes No extravaganza. Alex takes PJ and Alex Blumberg through the internet's most encompassing conspiracy theory to date, and then Gene Demby joins us to help unpack a very different kind of conspiracy.Paris Martineau's Qanon explainer in New York MagazineParis Martineau's Reporting on Roseanne and QAnon for The OutlineBen Detrick on Bryan ColangeloThe Yes Yes No Blog
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I just let it do the auto populate. Thanks for adding links!
posted by Tevin at 3:24 PM on June 7, 2018

UPDATE: Bryan Colangelo has resigned.
posted by chrchr at 5:24 PM on June 7, 2018

I love the Sports Sports Sports theme.
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I think we're at Sports Sports Sports!
posted by ellieBOA at 2:58 AM on June 8, 2018

The whole Qanon thing, tho. I had not heard of this. It makes me despair for humanity.
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I had seen the QAnon thing in passing but hadn't investigated it as part of my pulling back from the greater internet a bit in the past year. It's a good reminder why I did so, but also makes me wonder how the hell you fight that sort of thing effectively.
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You can't fight something like QAnon because like so many other conspiracy theories every tiny shred of "evidence" for is collected and the vast amount of evidence against is discredited and discounted. It feeds directly into the brain's need to find patterns, and it makes a depressing amount of people feel like they made the right call when they elected a completely unqualified reality TV star to be President.
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It's literally an ARG, but one that purports to being about something that is actually happening.
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That was a great pocket summary of QAnon. One more background link: reporting on their March on Washington. 100 people, not exactly a big thing.

One thing I don't understand about Q and 4chan; how are his posts authenticated? Is /r/pol flooded with hoax posts from people claiming to be Q?
posted by Nelson at 7:05 AM on June 12, 2018

4chan has a thing called tripcodes which is like if your displayed hashed password could be your username:

edit: de-HTMLized link
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But apparently would you believe the tripcode has changed and been claimed to been cracked etc... I am peeking over the edge of the rabbit hole a bit from this twitter thread.
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Great show.

It takes a lot to make me pay any attention to sports. . . but, these guys are pretty good at it.
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