Elementary: Give Me the Finger
June 11, 2018 12:39 PM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Sherlock and Watson investigate the murder of a former Yakuza member, and the whereabouts of his missing thumb drive. Gregson gets some unexpected news.
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I hope I didn't commit a faux pas by posting this, but I urgently need you to sign my nonexistent petition asking CBS to drop the serial-killer story. Maybe if we all agree to never discuss it again, it'll go away.
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When Serial McSerial-Face first started talking to Gregson’s daughter, I was all “so now she’s going to get killed to make things extra angsty for the menfolk? Feh.” When they killed the roommate instead, I was rolling my eyes at her reaction being a horror-movie-esque scream. Like the writers completely forgot that she’s a cop, who might have a more practical reaction like (calling for backup? exiting the crime scene quietly in fear of the intruder still being present?). I realize that there’s a difference between finding a dead body while on the job versus coming home to find your friend murdered in your own home, but, ugh.

Every year’s season-arc has been worse than the previous since season 3 ended, so I’m not expecting any better from this season, but, ugh.
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Consider your petition cosigned.
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My chain of thought watching that episode: Gregson has a daughter! She's an alcoholic? She's a lesbian? She's about to be killed! Oh no, her friend / roommate / partner!

It was a dramatic journey to go through in 30 seconds with a character I'd forgotten about.
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Thanks to The corpse in the library for posting this! I've been away, so just got around to watching the episode.

Count me in on the petition to drop this serial killer story line. Ugh. And I had the exact same thought process as oh yeah! did while watching that scene. I'm glad that at least they didn't kill off Hannah, not that I care about her that much since I forgot she existed prior to this episode, but killing off the Captain's alcoholic daughter would have felt really cheap. But I also rolled my eyes at the cliche horror movie scream. She's a freaking cop!

Now I'm trying to remember: A couple seasons back, wasn't there some story line where Hannah had an abusive boyfriend (who was also maybe another cop)? I want to say it was when Kitty was still around, but I only vaguely remember any of this. I could be making it up completely.
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Yeah, she had a cop boyfriend who Gregson got in a fight with after the BF abused her. Then she made Gregson apologize to the BF in front of the other cops because I guess Dad coming to her defense made her look weak. Don't remember that story line going anywhere after that.
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