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Don heads off to Acapulco, while Joan and Lane fight.
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Don takes the coward's way, Lane loves monsters, and Joan negs Peggy.
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Overall, there were a lot of highs and lows in this episode. There were so many moments with Anna that were heartbreaking, like when Don says, "I'll bring the kids to visit in the spring," and when Anna says, "I know everything about you, and I still love you." I actually felt a little choked up during those scenes. And I don't necessarily think Don took the easy way out. I feel like he was genuinely torn between wanting to tell her and not knowing if it was really his place.

Then, improbably, the episode takes a comedic turn with Don and Lane's night on the town. Lane can be such a stuffed shirt sometimes, so it's really funny to see him let loose. I love that they end up at the Godzilla movie. It was also nice to see Don spending the evening with Lane rather than drinking himself into oblivion at the office or whatever else he would have done.

Also, I might just be really oblivious, but I admit I didn't realize that the two women were prostitutes until Lane offered to pay. Considering Don's background with growing up at the whorehouse, it's interesting to realize he clearly has some sort of ongoing relationship with the one woman, although I'm guessing Don doesn't pay for sex. It just seems like something he would choose not to do, from an ego perspective at the very least. (And it's not like there's a shortage of women for him to hook up with for free.)
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Episode summary: Acapulco. Donkey Dick. Godzilla.
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I'm pretty sure Don does pay for sex. The whole exchange they have where she talks about her family and asks if that's okay - that's definitely an exchange she'd have with a client. I see Don's relationship with the sex worker (is she ever named?) and Bethany Van Nuys to be two sides of the same coin. This season is a lot about Don trying to clean up his act, to avoid his past mistakes. He's trying to do what he's supposed to do. He dates the girl his friends want him to date. He tries to like her. And when he inevitably feels those old urges, he releases them in a very controlled way. He's not playing the field, he's trying to control his behavior as best he knows how.
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I'm behind on my rewatching but had to tell somebody - and hoped you all might appreciate - I had the opportunity to use the phrase "dance with the one that brung ya" at work today! (For the record, we were not meeting with Heinz. No bean ballet.)
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I had forgotten that Caity Lotz was in this.
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Huh, I didn't know she was in Arrow. I love her eyes.
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Elaine Carroll of Very Mary Kate fame* is one of the escorts.

*well, Internet fame
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In the previous thread, someone commented that Don's sleeping with (and then ignoring) Allison was his low. Him hitting on Anna's college-aged niece is also a new low. This is a whole season of lower lows for Don.
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Yeah, I see this season less as "Don cleaning up his act" and more as "Don continually bottoming out." And we saw him in the premier putting money on the counter for the woman before she slaps him during sex as what is clearly part of a client arrangement. As much of a Casanova as he's been in the past, right now he's paying for sex, sleeping with his secretary (and then acting like it didn't happen) and trying pitifully to seduce a teenager whom he has known since she was in baby teeth.
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