Mad Men: The Rejected   Rewatch 
October 26, 2014 6:42 AM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma.

Alison redecorates Don's office. Peggy wears a ring. Mark rents a vagina.
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I love this episode. We've got Peggy dipping her toe into the counter culture; the brilliance (and gives-no-fucks insensitivity) of Dr. Faye; the introduction of Josia Mamet; the return of Ken; Allison calling Don out for not being a nice person; and of course, this.

Also, this is the first episode directed by John Slattery.
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Yeah, Peggy is fifty kinds of awesome in this episode. I think her encounter with Allison has a real impact on her in terms of how to interacts with the wider world outside of Creative.
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Ha! How the hell did I miss the shot of Peggy sticking her head up to peek on Don after Allison throwing the paperweight? Lovely.

As much as I come to disdain Pete in the end, I still get warm and fuzzy seeing him and Trudy when times are good. (Bonus points for episodes like this when he has his father-in-law by the balls. Pete's shrug when Tom calls him a son of a bitch? Yeeeeeesss.)

First appearance of Miss Blankenship! ("Dr. Miller is here to see you! It's a she.") So...are we to believe that the decision to put her at Don's desk was Joan's alone? to put Don in his place? or just to give him a rest from temptation?
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Also: Don's comment to Faye ("You can't tell how people are going to behave based on how they have behaved.") seems to be a truism that he desperately wants to cling to for his own life. Never mind that he disproves it time and again.
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During the focus group, it's interesting to see how much they set up a comparison in the camera between Faye and Megan.

Peggy is like proto-Don when she talks to Allison. "Your problem is not my problem" is so Don.
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Miss Blankenship is there to cut back on the Draper Drama (Draperama?) that follows him wherever he goes. I'm sure though that Joan has a little chuckle to herself when she hears Ms B talking to him. I didn't know where she came from at the time -- is it Roger that says something about how they "found her" at Bert's home? Or something like that? (I'm a couple of episodes ahead and had to force myself to stop my most recent binge-watch.)
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Yup, they got her from Bert's house.
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Rejection seems like a running theme for this season. It starts off with Don dealing with Betty's rejection and then carries through a variety of clients and many of the characters.
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Miss Blankenship was Cooper's secretary at Sterling Cooper - she was mentioned several times, but never seen on-screen. Presumably, she didn't come over to SCDP because Cooper doesn't have an office, so perhaps she was working for Cooper in some other capacity.

Which makes me wonder - was Allison the only other person to come over from SC, other than the initial set of conspirators?
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Bummer for all the extras if so.
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Bummer for Hildy, too.

I think this was the first episode with Roger's secretary Caroline. I don't remember him having a named secretary at SC.
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At Sterling Cooper Putnam Powell and Lowell, his secretary was Ginger. In one episode she claimed she cut her own hair, in another Joan called him on a day when she knew Ginger had her monthly standing hair appointment.
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Peggy is like proto-Don when she talks to Allison. "Your problem is not my problem" is so Don.

Peggy laying on the couch, eyes open, is pure Don as well.
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