American Horror Story: Edward Mordrake, Pt. 1
October 22, 2014 6:31 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Time for the traditional two-part AHS Halloween episode! In Part 1, we get a new addition to the show, in the form of the mysterious Edward Mordrake.

Tonight, Wes Bentley makes his first appearance in the show, and Emma Roberts and Denis O'Hare (yay!) return to the series.

Are you excited? I'm excited!
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This episode is reminding me of why I liked the first season, and pretty much liked the second season, and didn't much like the third season.
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Muuuuuuuuch better.
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On their own, Dandy is a great villain, Twisty is a great villain, and together... well, they haven't really started clicking yet, but I can see the potential.
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I don't think Twisty is long for this world. We were told that we're going to learn about his backstory in the second part of the two-parter. I assume that means that Edward Mordrake will be judging his history. Presumably, the visage will not find in Twisty's favor. Maybe that means that he'll be dragged to hell and Dandy will take up the mantle, but maybe that means that Twisty will still hang around as a horrifying clown-demon.

Goddamn I loved that green smoke. Mordrake's appearance was haunting.
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Ethel's scene with the doctor was really lovely. I was rather moved. Kathy Bates is the series star so far.

I hope that someone new joins the sideshow every episode. This show works best when it's really crowded. And I think this episode definitely cements that we're getting a musical number every ep.
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When I first heard the story, I expected to dislike the Mordrake character but I really didn't. He was great. Very much a ghost-of-Xmas-past thing going on.

So the guy in the motel room who ordered up a male hooker, he has a large penis? Disfigured penis? Small penis? I couldn't tell what was going on there.

I'm surprised Jessica Lange's character was fooled by 2-bit charlatan. A high-level charlatan, sure.

It was amusing, albeit highly implausible, that the clown could kidnap a grown man kid big enough to be a footballer--and through a window, even.
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Was the psychic really a charlatan though? I got the feeling that even if she was just doing background research on Lange's character, she actually did end up having a real prediction about Mordrake.
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I think Elsa is going to leave with Mordrake.

I agree that Elsa's scene with the physician was moving. Poor woman.

Not sure what's going on with Denis O'Hare's nether regions.
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codacorolla, they showed that the psychic was looking at the items scattered around Lange's tent for inspiration. Her patter also felt weak to me.

I thought Mordrake was a coincidence. Didn't her prediction just fall into the classic pattern of "a tall, dark, stranger will come into your life."
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I don't much care for the Mordrake thing. His arrival felt out of place, as there hasn't been anything supernatural going on at all (except for the clown managing to grab a pretty good sized teen and take him out through a window in a matter of seconds, I suppose), and his scene with Ethel made it feel as though he was there to clumsily provide the audience with some character backstory. I'll see how I feel about it next week, I suppose.
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I loved that we finally got some overtly supernatural stuff. Now all we need is a demon, some aliens, a golem, communist mind control, a centaur, a mesmerist, a flesh-eating virus, and a time traveler or two, and we'll have a real season of American Horror Story.
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I thought the prediction was pretty overtly about Denis O'Hare's partner laying the groundwork for his arrival, hinting at the tactic he will take to ingratiate himself to Elsa.
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From the photo recap, regarding the appearance of Mordrake:
But again, he wasn't anything to be afraid of, really. In fact he was more just like a male, old-timey ghost Oprah, just wanting to get real about life's problems.
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The scariest/creepiest part (for me at least) was Twisty putting his finger up to his non-existent lips as he was in the little girl's bedroom. Ugh.
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