Sons of Anarchy: Greensleeves
October 22, 2014 4:41 PM - Season 7, Episode 7 - Subscribe

This is more than just another street beef.
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I'm still flabbergasted by the contrast between my childhood memories of Katie Sagal as Peg Bundy, young adult memories of her as Turanga Leela, and now Gemma Teller Morrow. Amazing talent.

This season has felt shark-jumpy. Aside from Abel starting to understand what's going on and whether Gemma will ultimately confess, it just feels like everything's just falling apart. I've stopped sympathizing with just about all of the characters and with the high turnover, there's no-one who's trajectories are compelling.
posted by porpoise at 8:43 PM on October 22, 2014

I can't wait to see who they senselessly kill this week. /s
posted by Catblack at 9:18 PM on October 22, 2014

I thought Katie Sagal turned in a pretty good performance. Essentially, her character has become the embodiment of the club and all its history. And the character knows it, and what will come of it.
posted by digitalprimate at 11:46 AM on October 23, 2014

Abel hearing Gemma's confession makes me excited to witness him revealing this information to someone else, as I find him to be a pretty creepy child actor (I know, he's a kid and it's certainly not his fault, but I think he's both creepy looking and delivers his lines with a frightening flatness) and, that said, will find the conversation amusingly unsettling.

This season has felt shark-jumpy.

I agree. My girlfriend and I were discussing how in ending last season the way they did, the only thing worth caring about this season is When/how will they figure out Gemma killed Tara? I mean, I can't even remember why Jax is leading a campaign against August Marks.
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That fucking ending. Bobby is the only one in the club I have any remaining affection for.

Was that Katey Sagal singing Greensleeves at the end?
posted by something something at 11:06 AM on October 25, 2014

but I think he's both creepy looking and delivers his lines with a frightening flatness

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But yes seeing as it is the final season I was expecting True Blood levels of plot hole/confusion/ridiculousness and SoA has definitely delivered.

I almost felt bad for Gemma this week.
posted by poffin boffin at 12:59 AM on October 26, 2014

I think over the top soap opera ridiculousness is part of SoA's charm and it hasn't disappointed thus far.

Bobby was the last voice of reason that Jax had (except perhaps Nero but I don't think he has the same sway over Jax as Bobby). I expect lots more terrible decisions and even more terrible repercussions in the final weeks of the season.

And my god is the shit gonna hit when Abel spills what he knows.
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IDK THO because he's probably gonna tell Wendy, right? Who else would he talk to? Maybe Brooke, I guess. But I can see him saying "gramma says she is sorry for killing mommy" and since Wendy's no fool, and is someone who has known Gemma for ages, and who knows how far Gemma would go to protect her family, she'd believe Abel right away. And then what? Does she confront the lady she now knows murdered her other grandson's mother and pinned it on someone else? Or is she gonna snatch the kids and flee? It's not like Jax would believe her over Gemma.

aaah i am excited for the rest of the season (which I just realized is another 6 episodes and not just 2-3 more as I initially thought)
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I am hoping he will say 'Daddy, why did granny kill mom?' But given what a hands off dad Jax has been this season perhaps not.

Maybe he will tell his teacher Courtney Love. She could handle Gemma for sure.
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I think he's definitely going to tell Wendy. It would explain why they've chosen to bring Wendy's character back into prominence this season, for one thing, and they've also made a point to show that Jax does still have a touch of respect for her more than once in the last several episodes. Wendy is better positioned than just about anybody to both take that information seriously and to bring it to Jax.

I think over the top soap opera ridiculousness is part of SoA's charm and it hasn't disappointed thus far.

This is true, but I've also been thinking that this season is really pushing the show into more of an allegory (or something) rather than a story we're supposed to believe as potentially real people in a potentially real world. How many people have the Sons killed this season? In Northern California desert towns which are consistently portrayed as semi-rural? There's just no way any of this could conceivably be happening for this length of time while the club remains blissfully consequence free. They're having massive firefights with rival gangs, killing cops, Jax is personally killing random strangers for virtually no reason.... the show has really changed a lot. I always felt like they did a good job of humanizing the Sons despite them being "bad" guys (a la Tony Soprano, or Omar Little) but as of this season - maybe beginning somewhere last season as well - they're just Bad. Which is a bummer and removes a lot of the fun in watching for me.
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Allegory is a good way to put it. The story has kind of run away with itself and is taking everything to an extreme. I do really want to see how it turns out though.
posted by roolya_boolya at 1:30 PM on October 27, 2014

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