Set It Up (2018)
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Two corporate executive assistants hatch a plan to match-make their two bosses.
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Smart Bitches Trashy Books - Review 1 and Review 2

Just watched this - very enjoyable rom-com, I hope Netflix makes more like it.
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This was exactly what I wanted to watch last week.
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I'm amazed at how this has taken off. Suddenly everyone loves rom coms again!

I did enjoy it, it does twist the tropes in fun ways. Run to the airport...oh, I got four hours, no rush. Don't marry him! etc.
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I will likely get around to watching this at some point. It looks like goofy fun. And the trailer scored big points with me by being set to My Type by Saint Motel.

(They're really secret agents!)
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I reeeeeally don't recommend watching the pizza scene if you're on day 3 of a water fast. That was... difficult. To say the least.

Apart from that, the movie was a lot better than I expected! I loved the kiss cam scene, that was great.
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This was pretty stupid, but also fluffy and enjoyable and I appreciate that they didn't try to convince us that Taye Diggs's behavior was ok.
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I liked this. I like romantic comedies in general but recent years (decades) haven't been good for the genre so it was refreshing to see this one. Nothing deep but it hit all the right notes

My three things on romantic comedies since we passed the '30s golden era is how they (1) make one of the leads a stalker, (2) make at least one lead an asshole when dealing with the current partner and (3) expect me to buy into a deep connection between a pair that has basically had nothing but communication problems for two hours. They handled all this pretty deftly in this one.

I was also relieved that Diggs and Liu weren't treated as equally bad in the end.
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I started out watching this hating every character but about 30 minutes in came around to kind of enjoy it. Zoey Deutch kind of reminds me of Ellen Page mixed with Anna Kendrick and was mostly charming. The dude was generic bland white dude and was whatever.

I was a bit disappointed initially because I had picked this from my watchlist thinking Set It Up was going to be a gymnastics movie so that might have coloured my first impressions.

I'm kind of worried that with this run of pretty good rom coms after the genre fell out of favour thanks to crap sexist ones in the early 00s and beyond that people are going to start putting out ones that totally miss what makes these ones work, namely being fairly inoffensive and charming.
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