Babylon 5: Hunter, Prey
July 1, 2018 8:00 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The former doctor for President Clark is in hiding on Babylon 5, and Sheridan needs to protect the doctor before Clark's goons silence him forever... Meanwhile, we learn more about Kosh and the Vorlon. "I sought understanding. I listen to the song. Your thoughts became the song."

-Remember the season 1 finale? Ah, those were the times. New Year's Eve party! Garibaldi being shot because he discovered an attempt to assainate President Santiago! President Satiago actually getting blown to bits, but the VP (Clark) surviving because he left the ship due to a cold.
-Yeah, about that cold. It was fake, and the good Doctor Jacobs has proof. Clark is displeased with proof of his skullduggery being out, and has sent an Earth Intelligence man, Cranston, to grab Jacobs and blacksite him ( best).
-Sheridan, Ivanova, and Garibaldi immediately recognize something is up--and order to kill a civvie in peacetime is unheard of--so they engage in a campaign of malicious compliance and foot-dragging to buy Garibaldi time to figure out why Jacobs has been marked for death and how to save him.
-The doc isn't used to slumming it, and is almost immediately kidnapped by a goon. Garibaldi frees him, etc. It doesn't matter.
-Eventually, they hide the (unconscious) doctor on Kosh's ship, with Kosh's permission. The ship is scanned, showing one non-Johnson living organism (strongly implied to be the ship itself), and Cranston departs in a huff.
-Sheridan's spy-contacts with Hague help him out with the Jacobs situation, mainly by providing information and safe passage once Cranston leaves.
-In the B-plot, Kosh's ship in the 'haunted' Bay 13 is widely believed to be alive--organic tech, which Earth is hugely interested in (c.f. the odious season 1 episode "Infection"). The ship has a morphing skin, it spawns weapons if you get too close, and it 'sings' to cleaning staff (and to the unconscious doctor). But EarthForce can't prove it.
-It is effectively confirmed that Kosh actually appeared in Sheridan's dream when he was on the Streib ship--it wasn't Sheridan dreaming of Kosh, but Kosh changing Sheridan's dream, from a distance of (possibly) lightyears.
-When asked about seeing Kosh's true form:
Kosh: They are not ready. They would not understand.
Sheridan: Am I ready?
Kosh: No. You do not even understand yourself.
Sheridan: Could you help me to understand you?
Kosh: Can you help me to understand you?
Sheridan: Well, I can try. Is that what you want? An exchange of information? I tell you something about me and you tell me something about you?
Kosh: ...No. You do not understand. Go.
Sheridan: Damnit! What do you want? What do you want from me! [extended angry rant about Kosh following him and watching him] What do you want?!
Kosh: Never ask that question.
Sheridan: [...] What'll it be, Ambassador?
Kosh: I will teach you.
Sheridan: About yourself?
Kosh: About you, until you are ready.
Sheridan: For what?
Kosh: To fight legends.
-Kosh REALLY doesn't like the question "What do you want?"
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It is pretty well stated in this episode that Clark doesn't have full control. The reason EarthIntelligence is called in is because they are among Clark's most loyal.

Earlier set-up in the episode said that EarthForce couldn't really scan inside of Kosh's ship, which is why Johnson is secure in there. He's knocked out not because of necessity, but by Kosh's order.
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Well, we're not in the B5 timeline.
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Flying out on a business trip, so I'll not be posting a recap this week. If someone else wants to, they absolutely can!

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