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I wanna discuss Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, y’all. Do Netflix specials get classified as TV or movies?
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It's over on the Blue already, if you didn't know (I didn't, and double-posted it over the weekend).
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I think we call stand-up specials "movies"
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Well that's discussion has closed, so I'll just say watch it and get everyone you know to watch it. It's more than comedy and it's incredibly good, deep, well-crafted, personal, true.
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I watched it this weekend and now I want to buttonhole everyone I know and love to get them to watch it as well.
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Soraya Roberts writes about Nanette in The Baffler -- I'm pondering this, not sure whether I agree.
Positioning herself as a post-comedy revolutionary crashing a male-dominated industry, Gadsby elides the long, complicated history of standup comedy.... Nanette does not defy, it inherits. It is a Trojan horse, a gesture towards challenge, which never actually delivers.
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Whoops, meant to post that in the main FanFare thread.
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