Cloak & Dagger: Funhouse Mirrors
July 11, 2018 10:47 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Tandy and Ty each meet someone living the life that could have been theirs, for better or worse, had they taken different paths without the rig explosion.

While Tandy now seems to be sparking up daggers to casually go about her day, Ty still hasn’t figured out a way to tap his teleporting power without getting shot at.

Tying into the bigger MCU, it’s a little surprising to me that Roxxon Corporation hasn’t been wrung dry yet. It seems to be an endless supply of middle-management drama.
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I was glad Nina didn't suffer no fools and called out Tandy. In hindsight the bad lying was pretty good acting. I wonder what it means that Ivan Hess' hope dream is just a door presumably from the rig with Ty's shadow power surrounding it.

btw, I googled this but couldn't find an answer, but the round handles on those doors that are on ships and rigs and other things at sea, I know they are for watertightness, but what are they called? a site about naval stuff said locks on a door are called "dogs", but I think that refers to the actual locks themselves, not the round handle. any idea? or is this a good askme question?
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I liked the effects when Tyrone was being shot at.

I'm skeptical of the ten meters thing. It would be a topo map and they're in a swamp. Unless I missed some surveyor's flags.

On the other hand, those coffee cups were actually full of something and Olivia Holt spilled some of it on her top in that scene. I'm not sure if the show gained a point for avoiding the empty coffee cup thing and then lost a point for using that take. Or something.
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I've really been enjoying this series, despite only being aware of Clock & Dagger from their brief appearance in the original run of Runaways.

Was there some suggestion that Nina is manic depressive? The fifteen different projects going on at once, her mentioning that the cookies contained a natural antidepressant, and what I interpreted as her cycle back down while out in the swamps prior to meeting her father seemed to indicate such.
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I was trying to decide if she was just overachiever bubbly asian scientist trope or something else, Bora Horza Gobuchul, but it kept sort of skipping past it so quickly that I couldn't tell.

Good episode, although I can't help but feel like Tandy's story is progressing more interestingly than Ty's story. Did I just miss all the subtext with the tarot reading?
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The tarot reading stuff seemed to tie them together into a larger scheme of what is coming. But I do agree that Tandy's plot is more interesting. Especially since it seems like whatever her dad and Roxxon are digging up probably gave them their powers. Ty's haphazard adventure in trying to bring justice for his brother just feels too run of the mill for a superhero show, especially when most of the heavy lifting right now is done by O'Reilly, who herself is nowhere as captivating as Missy is in Luke Cage.
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I'm way behind on my Marvel viewing, but started with one episode of this and one of the new season of Luke Cage. I was expecting to sort of tolerate this and really enjoy Luke Cage. Well, I'm now current on this and on episode two of Luke Cage.

I'm glad they moved away from the drug-induced origins and away from New York city. I'll agree that Tandy's interests are leaping ahead of Tyrone's (especially after the next rig-based episode) but I can live with that for now. I do hope, however that they quickly wrap up the cop-plot because it is definitely the weaker of the two, and the cop-characters aren't the most compelling, and move onto the future foretold by the Tarot reading.
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