Babylon 5: And Now For a Word
July 21, 2018 10:26 AM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

This is the semi-mandatory fake documentary/fake news show episode. Like all other fake documentary episodes, it is awful. "The job of Babylon 5 is not to enforce the peace. It's to create the peace."

-PsiCorps has an ad budget. So does IPX (Interplanetary Expeditions), which has been mentioned a few times for rim exploration (remember Sakai?).
-Delenn cries over being confronted by yet another example of people not liking her transformation.
-Ivanova is Definitely not An Angry Boss, oh no.
-The Narn and Centauri have a space-based slapfight just outside of Babylon 5, which is the main thrust of the episode. The tl;dr is that the Centauri are using B5 to smuggle weapons, which pisses everyone else off and causes a series of escalating military actions. B5 is damaged during the ongoing shitshow, and eventually Sheridan orders Starfuries to end hostilities by force.
-Londo and G'Kar both go on a propaganda offensive: G'Kar talking about being a "pouchling" under Centauri occupation and how his father, a slave, was hung for the crime of spilling a hot drink on a Centauri; Londo about how inherently violent the Narn are. This is ironic as he spends the entire damn episode pointlessly escalating the military conflict.
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Oh, yeah: and a politician interviewed for the fake episode basically blows off B5 as Santiago's good-for-nothing legacy project. It would be kind to keep it running in his memory even though it is a phenomenal waste of energy, etc.
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Sure predicted drones though, that floating camera device.
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Best part is the subliminal messaging in the PsyCorps advertising.
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