The 100: The Warriors Will
July 24, 2018 5:03 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Monty strives to show Wonkru an alternative to war, and to the valley itself. Meanwhile, Abby's health continues to deteriorate, along with McCreary's patience.

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A character-focused episode like this one really reminds me why I like the show. And the histories of the character make little lines like "I can still tell when you're scared" and "Do you see her, too?" add such depth to each scene and tugs at your heartstrings.

I was so rooting for Monty and his algae, but damn Octavia is ruthless. I guess next episode we'll find out what happened during "The Dark Year".

Not enough Raven in this episode, but at least we got Lindsey Morgan briefly as Becca. Did we always know that's how she died? That was a revelation for me. What a tragic way to go.

Abby basically letting Vinson eating the others while she grabs her pills was a big moment for her. It's so hard to reconcile who she is now with who we met in season 1.
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Damn it Octavia. I go back and forth on her character. Sometimes I really like her character, find her sympathetic, and sometimes I just want to throw something at the tv. Granted, her whole romance with Lincoln bugged the heck out of me based on perceived age differences - it felt kind of gross. :x

I'll also be happy once we move on from Abby the addict storyline.

I think Monty has become my hero of the show. I hope he can still do something with his remaining algae.
posted by Atreides at 11:25 AM on July 30, 2018

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