Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)
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The hybrid sequel/prequel follow-up to the 2008 ABBA musical, this time with less Meryl Streep but more Cher.
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I was kind of surprised by how much I loved the first Mamma Mia movie, which has become a reliable rainy-Sunday-afternoon movie for me.

I thought this worked well as a sequel in that it had a lot of what made the original so much fun: lots of ABBA music, a star-studded cast (with more musical numbers for the cast-members who can actually sing), go-o-o-o-rgeous Mediterranean vistas (so much clear aquamarine water!), lovely costumes and sets, and charismatic performances (I was surprised at how convincing Lily James was as a young Meryl Streep).

The plot was paper-thin - we already knew what would happen in the prequel plot, and the present-day plot had the lowest stakes you could imagine - and some of the musical numbers were a bit weird (like the first one at the graduation) but for balls-to-the-wall movie musical summer fun, it was great.
posted by lunasol at 4:49 PM on July 30, 2018

I had a great time despite almost nothing happening. Lily James is beautiful and did a great job embodying but not aping Meryl Streep.
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I really enjoyed it, but I can't escape the sensation of watching a horror movie TBH. She doesn't even have any (more) friends her age! All she's doing is in the service of her mother's memory.
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The name reveal of Andy Garcia’s character made me laugh so hard. Then the song kicked in and I was laughing and also crying. Then the church scene had me actually sobbing out loud in the cinema which has never happened before. It was kind of cheap and absolutely emotionally manipulative and I loved it.
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gnuhavenpier: you may be a lot like my roommate. I came home from work one night to find him watching something on TV - I didn't see what it was, but what threw me was that he gave me this bizarrely guilty look, like I'd walked in and caught him eating ice cream with his hands or something. I was so surprised by that I asked what he was doing.

".....I'm watching Mamma Mia."


"....and.....I like it?" It was in the middle of the "Does Your Mother Know" sequence, and that soon caught his attention again and he started cracking up. "It''s like drugs!" For the whole rest of the movie, each new musical number was heralded by him laughing like a hyena and exclaiming "It's like drugs!" again.

About a week later we were having a conversation about cheeseball fluff movies in general, and I chuckled and told him how startled I'd been to see the look on his face that previous night. He gave me another guilty look. "...what you don't know is that the next night, when I heard a friend was going to see the sequel....I asked if I could go too."
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It was total rubbish. I absolutely loved it.
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I just saw bits and pieces of this movie on a flight, but without audio, so I have basically no idea what was happening. My favorite part was when the protagonist misses her boat, so of course there's a hot Swedish guy ready to take her on his gorgeous sailboat and sing and dance with her. And then the British guy she was singing and dancing with a few minutes ago catches up to them in his tiny little outrigger, and then he gets on the sailboat with the outrigger towed behind... You don't need to be Freud to see the implications.
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