Chapo Trap House: Episode 232 - America, You Sexy Bigfoot! (7/30/18)
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America's got Bigfoot fever, and so do we! After spending some time discussing white rappers, gaming, and hunting sexy Bigfoot, we discuss Meghan McCain's recent tirade against socialism, and further explore her thoughts on Faith, Wealth, Privilege and why she should NOT feel bad about having all three in a reading from her 2012 book (with Michael Ian Black), "America, You Sexy Bitch!".

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The banality of inherited wealth that Meghan McCain shows off in this book is the best argument for a massive inheritance tax yet. The part in her book about how it would be terrible if the Mayo Clinic had to accept 'anyone who came through their doors' as patients, too. It's sort of too bad Matt was driving the reading series because I'd like to have more of him going berserk alongside Felix.

Also I disagree with their anti-cryptid platform.
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"This is what they're doing with the money. How can you not win this fucking policy argument? they want you to literally die in a fucking ditch so these fucking dipshits like him and Wyatt Koch and Megan Mccain can just make the world their little fun playground."
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I like Michael Ian Black and tried to forget this book exists. And booooy, it's even worse than I imagined. They made it sound like that Tomi Loren vs Trevor Noah (now, here's someone that probably merits a visit from Mr. Chapo) debate of the minds on TDS, just lob talking points at each other instead of actually engaging them.

The faildaughter thing would be cute in a "ha ha the rich people are fearing the guillotines" sense if I didn't suspect her passionate speech for free market capitalism + McCain kicking the bucket wouldn't be the perfect start for her "reasonable conservative" political career. Since she doesn't want to send minorities and LGBTQs to the camp, but also will defend her right to not pay taxes to help them, she's the perfect candidate against any true progressive, because I suspect there's plenty of NYT centrist liberals who'll think they're being very very smart by engaging positively with anyone that aligns like 80% in their world view but happens to be a republican.
One thing that I've found interesting is if The View audience was actually cheering for the baseline progressive/DSA platform because they're realizing building a Newer Deal is the only way to stop the slide into fascism, or the light just went on. I remember in one of the lat shows the host was looking surprised by the crowds' reaction to something like this because it was probably more genuine that they expected.

Bonus points to Felix for rhyming Bear/Healthcare/Blair.
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You can tell meritocracy is bullshit when people who are born into wealth and social power think they got there through work. I look forward to hearing more about how Megan pulled herself up by her parents' bootstraps to scratch her way from upper-class to upper-upper-class just through the grit of her own determination to inherit money.
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Meritocracy often seems to be the first line of defense for most of those rich kids who despite not having anything special going for them always fall upwards. The last line of the defense? Well, what happened on The View.

I mean, the broad concept of meritocracy is fine, but rarely clears practical implementations as there are so many hurdles before merit becomes a factor. If any company has an unpaid intern position to fill, it's likely the ones that will apply are the ones with enough wealth to stick with unpaid positions until they make it, while the others are forced to take service jobs. Those with family connections have a secret, inside track over the rest. Some failson like Jared can get into Harvard despite being average in everything but daddy's pockets. Others think making money is easy because they never had to scrape through the hard part, making money from very limited resources, and this list goes on and on and on.
I really don't know how many of those Meghan McCain checks out, but AFAIK, her whole deal in the past 10-15 years has been more or less "Daughter of Sen. McCain isn't exactly what you'd expect her to be".
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