Killjoys: Bro-D Trip
August 3, 2018 9:00 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

From the Julian Doucet interview, I'm sad that Gared & Pree's goodbye kiss was cut for time, but, another fine episode.
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It was kind of fun watching Zeph, Pip, and Pree do their best Dutch and Johnny imitations. Makes me wonder how long Michelle can go before she finally does a bodyswap episode (my rule of thumb for bodyswap episodes is that everyone eventually does a bodyswap episode - it's just a question of when).
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Only if Dav gets stuck in Zeph, Dutch in Pip, and Johnny in Pree. And of course Turin and Delle Sayah.
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This season really feels like it's going somewhere, and that's a good thing. Last season had a bit of that lost-in-the-weeds feeling, and I wasn't sure they'd be able to recover the show's momentum. A big part of that is giving the supporting cast (especially Pree) an expanded role. Another large chunk is due to Hullen Johnny (Ashmore seems like he's having a great time with the new role). Even Delle Sayah seems to be benefiting from her new circumstances and is becoming a more interesting character.
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On the flipside, I'm not actually sure I understand where they're going? What's the antagonist this season? The Hullen that aren't Dutch/Aneela? Those spidery things? I sorta lost the thread in-between seasons, and so I'm feeling a bit lost now. I like the characters enough to mostly just let them rock with it, but I'm going to need a restatement of goals and motivations soonish...
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There's someone called The Lady that Dutch, Aneela, and SpyDaddy (I can't remember his name) are all afraid of, but for right now the gang's worst enemy appears to be themselves.
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SpyDaddy = Khlyen (pronounced Kline)
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So xfinity on demand cut out whatever it is that Johnny did that got him and D'av away from Juno's henchmen (and injured Johnny). It came back from commercial and D'av was carrying Johnny in from the truck. What did we miss?
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