Lodge 49?
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Heard Terry Gross interview the creator on NPR today and the show sounds cool.
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OK, from the first episode I'm getting a Lebowski-Northern Exposure vibe. Pretty light, but I've seen worse.
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Dudley, AKA Dud is the Dude as a dud/failure.
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I'm a sucker for slackers and accidental losers (I'd say Dud is more of the latter than the former), so when the show coupled that angle with the fraternal order approach to mysticism and set 'em both against the threadbare strip mall that is America for lots of folks these days, I was quite interested.

I've watched both episodes, and I like it so far. The members of the Lodge are interesting, and while the pacing is pretty, shall we say, leisurely, I think it works. Nobody in this show, even those hustling to get by, is in much of a rush.

Glad someone chimed in on this, 'cause I was considering doing the same.
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I feel like it could go in at least three directions: a) it's own thing, amazingly revealed at just the right time, earning accolades near and far; b) My Name is Earl, episodic, humorous, and interspersed with poignancy; or c) that Canadian gas station show.
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There is enough here that I am looking forward to episode 4.
I did not expect that.
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I'm still digging it, but I can't shake the feeling, caused mainly by a lack of press, that this is gonna be a one-season show. I hope I'm wrong.
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I'm chiming in late, but I just watched the first episode and I'm in.
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Episode #4 was solid. I liked how Dud and Ernie totally blew off their lodge duties to hunt down Larry (even though it didn't seem like something Ernie would do). It was a better way to spend a Sunday than Liz's decision to go in to work- or so I thought until she was hanging out with her coworkers behind the restaurant.

Man, I could spend an hour looking at the sealed room with the mummy (sorry, reliquiem corpus) in it.
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FanFare post.
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