Barry: Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face
August 23, 2018 10:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Barry tries to fly solo at a remote airstrip, but Taylor still wants in; Vacha looks to exact revenge on the man who killed his brother, despite Pazar's hands-off orders; Moss tries to end her association with Gene, but finds herself drawn to his classroom at a critical juncture; Sally lobbies for a major acting challenge.

A shocking cliffhanger punctuates another fantastic episode of HBO's Barry. - "I may be getting ahead of myself, but Barry is really starting to emit strong Breaking Bad vibes. I already have made passing comparisons to the decade’s greatest crime drama, but there’s something about Barry stashing money in a bathroom ceiling, Detective Moss’ shootout, and this week’s bloody, climactic cliffhanger that made “Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face” feel like we finally have an heir to Vince Gilligan’s tragicomic empire."

Exclusive: Bill Hader on ‘Barry’ Episode 6, Taking Inspiration from ‘Jackie Brown’, and IBS Jokes
Gene and Detective Moss is a really delightful pairing. Once you guys decided to have them hook up was it exciting to start digging into the storytelling possibilities there?
HADER: Yeah, yeah and just that it’s this middle-aged love story. That was a movie we did talk about was Jackie Brown, how this middle-aged love story thing could be fun. I didn’t go back and watch that movie but we just talked about that thing—I actually haven’t seen that movie since it came out. So we talked a bit about that, but it’s really just these two lonely people that kind of connect with each other and are—she’s trying to do the right thing, but now she’s doing the thing that she gave Loach shit for in Episode 2. And I just love Paula [Newsome] and Henry [Winkler] in those scenes. I like it when he says he’s 47 years old. I really like that scene in the backyard when they’re having breakfast. He’s the perfect romantic guy for her and he’s being genuine.
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It was just harder and darker and, ugh... in the next few episodes it just gets worse and worse - in a lot of ways it’s a perfect re-telling of Ripley. But I kind of hate Ripley and though I really enjoyed all the performances and the writing and the whole production. It’s ... a very tough show.
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