Suits: Pilot
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A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate. [IMDB]
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My first fanfare post and I hope I did it right! I just started this last night and I usually come to fanfare to see what the Mefi crowd thought and I see that Suits is very sporadically populated.

My initial impressions:
- Kind of weird but I thought it was "cute"! Good pacing and I was surprised by the length of the episode, it felt fast.
- I like the chemistry between all the characters - Mike/Harvey, Mike/Rachel, Harvey/Jessica, Harvey/Donna, Harvey/Louis
- I like all the female characters! Woop!
- I had never even heard of Meghan Markle until she started dating Prince Harry so it was fun to finally see her on screen.
- Well-packed with interesting major and minor issues to be further explored in the series. I don't see how Mike not having a license to practice is going to turn out okay for anyone. It's not like he can sneak in a bar exam on the side (can he?). It's inevitably going to catch up with him and Harvey so I'm mainly curious if it's something that rears its head before the end of the first season or if it's a continuous source of peril throughout the entire series.
- Favorite exchange in the episode: When Harvey chastises Mike again for his suit and Mike defends himself and says he spent $500. Harvey: "On how many suits?" Mike: "Five!". I guffawed.
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There's no "right" way do make a FanFare post. You can dump a bunch into the initial post or keep it sparse, just avoid spoilers above the fold.

One thought on old shows - you can make one post per episode, but if conversations are sparse, you can make a post for the entire season. If you want to revise this to be a season post instead of an episode one, drop the mods a line and they can change it. Looking at the Suits history on FanFare, there are posts for Season 4 episodes 1 and 2, Season 5 episodes 1 and 15, and only the first episode of Season 6, even though the show is currently airing its 8th season.

I'm not saying you can't post every episode, and if you did, you'd be in the company of some other dedicated posters of low-discussion shows (the man of twists and turns plugged away through Fringe, and I got into the 4th season of Murder, She Wrote before quitting).
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I watched the first season, maybe first two seasons, of Suits a bunch of years ago with an old boyfriend. I enjoyed it. We called it Lawyer Bros.

One of the great things about this show is that you can sing the words "lawyer bros" along to the opening credits music. I still remember it all this time later, I don't even need to look it up. Went something like this: lawyer lawyer lawyer bros, lawyer bros, lawyer lawyer lawyer bros, lawyer bros, [repeat for a while] law, law law, law law bros bro-os.

Great show.
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I knew I had said this on mefi somewhere before!
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One of the great things about this show is that you can sing the words "lawyer bros" along to the opening credits music.

The theme song for Bones is kind of like that, too. I mean, the one-syllable title obviously helps, but still:

Bones bones bones. Bones bones bones bones.
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Ccccc S I, C-S, I-I, Ccccc S I, C-S, I-I. C SS CS CSI C S CS CS I. CS CSI CS I CS C S C S I.

oh my god it works for everything
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This is the Meghan Markle content I crave.
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Now I think I can sing anything.
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Random side note-in acting school we used to do voice warm ups with various sounds and syllables. One of my enterprising classmates rewrote them so you could do them with aaron spelling shows.
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So I was really excited how my first FanFare post had 10 comments and I thought "Ooh some other people who are just starting this show that I can watch along with."

But no. Instead I am given lyrics that I can sing along to the theme tune.

I mean, I'm grateful. I'm just saying this isn't what I expected.
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