Wynonna Earp: Waiting Forever for You
September 7, 2018 8:47 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

I'm glad we're finally getting into Bulshar as we build up to the season finale! This season does seem like the season-long arc wasn't as well integrated into the season as a whole as it was in previous seasons and hopefully soon we'll know what his whole deal is. (And... why did he run away from Wynonna and Charlie when he could've just pixie dusted them?)
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This is a fun blog: Sorry, it's a lot

She has been doing a Keeping Up With the Earps series where she has a bio for each character and a sort of time line in each recap, and she add in bold the things we've learned new in each episode. It helps with "what the heck is Bullshart up to anyway?" type questions if you're watching the show in real time.

The potato licking scene that caused so much stir from the season promo finally comes to light! Poor Robin. Peeing yourself in the barn at a cocktail party on a date is more of a college freshman look than grown-up guy with a job.

I'm amused that the idea of Charlie being normal, a little sentimental, and trying to build connections with Wynonna is both deeply disturbing to both her and the audience.

Poor the Stone Witch. What a terrible last chapter for her. I hope she's all dressed up and fabulous in hell, stepping on revenants with 5 inch stainless steel spike heels.
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I don't know if I'm going to be pleased or pissed (probably both) if it turns out this whole season was an elaborate setup for a queer woman to inhabit a new Garden of Eden so someone can make a terrible "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" joke.
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