Killjoys: It Takes a Pillage
September 7, 2018 8:50 PM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Haven't had a chance to see it yet, but how was the con?
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On the one hand, I don't think that's how gravity works. On the other, D'avv's delighted "My son brought me guns!" genuinely made my day.
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Haven't had a chance to see it yet, but how was the con?

I wish I'd taken notes, it's rapidly becoming a fun blur. I've finally gone through my photos this morning - deleting all the garbage/duplicate shots got it down from 587 to 385, hope to do a Flickr upload today of the decent/interesting ones.

I went to the Sunday afternoon Killjoys cast panel (Johnny & Lucy) - it doesn't look like anyone has uploaded video of it to Youtube yet (and, it didn't seem like the tech ops/DCTV crew was recording it at the time, since there was no video being projected onto the room screen at the time). There are a couple of Fanversation backstage interviews up though: Aaron Ashmore and Tamsen McDonough. Trying to remember anything interesting from the panel.... They're nearly done filming the series, only have two episodes of season 5 left to shoot. On set, Lucy's lines are read by a script supervisor (or PA, I forget), who is a non-actor dude - Ashmore did a jokey impression of the guy's Canadian-French-accented line delivery, which makes the onscreen Lucy/Johnny chemistry even more impressive. Tamsen talked about her first time doing Lucy lines, how Michelle Lovretta was telling her that Lucy felt an 'interest' in Johnny and then when Tamsen got a look at his hotness she was like "I think it's more than an 'interest'" and went the full sexy, and Lovretta ran with it (totally paraphrasing, I'm completely blanking on the actual quotes there). Tamsen talked about the time she did go to set, and how the cast was goofing around by blasting Pony to dance to because there were stripper poles in that scene's set. (Ashmore had no memory of it at first.) I got on the Q&A line and asked something about Pree/Garad, saying how one of my favorite funny bits in the show was the time Pree/Johnny did the undercover fake-couple thing (so of course Ashmore was all 'Fake? Says who?'). Someone asked if Aaron's twin Shawn was going to be on the show, and Aaron said no - he said he was sure it must have been discussed in the writers' room at some point but that they must never have found a good story reason to take advantage of his having an identical twin fellow-actor brother, and then talked about how odd it was being cast as Jimmy Olsen on Smallville after Shawn had already been on the show as villain.

It will be a slight bummer if the panel didn't get recorded at all, but, it was just a nice, fun, chill panel, all anecdotes & jokes that I'm sure the actors have made in other panel & interviews, so, those little Fanversation interviews above kind of give you the vibe of the room.
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Great report oh yeah! I'd love to hear your impressions about the other shows you follow and post about on FanFare, including the Arrowverse ones.
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Thanks, I'll try to get comments up in relevant threads this weekend. I went to guest panels for: Warehouse 13, Librarians (Christian Kane & John Kim), Doctor Who (one Catherine Tate solo panel, one Capaldi & Mackie panel, and one Karen Gillan solo), Traveler, Black Lightning, Lost Girl, Arrowverse (Routh, Garber, Cavanagh, & Barrowman), Once Upon a Time (a solo Jennifer Morrison panel, despite quitting the show some seasons before the finale, because my buddy Rob was moderating).
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