Insecure: Season 3, Episode 5: High-Like
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The girls take a weekend trip to celebrate Tiffany. Molly has trouble leaving her obsession with work behind.

AKA, the one with Beychella.
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...the return of #LawrenceHive!!!

I had this sneaking suspicion that Lawrence would be back. Jay Ellis had made too many coy Twitter posts, and it was odd hearing Issa Rae say that when an ex is out of your life, you don't see him, so we wouldn't see Lawrence anymore - yet didn't apply that same philosophy to Season 2 when he was technically no longer in her life.

Such a fun, silly episode. Watching a bunch of women my age go out and do drugs in the desert made me realize that I have that same "I'm probably a little too old for this now, but..." in me. Nathan has grown on me despite knowing next to nothing about him.

If I didn't trust how great the show writers are (and I do think Insecure is one of the best-written shows currently on TV), I'd worry more that Issa will resume dating Lawrence only to play out the same Daniel drama from Season 1, except with Nathan in place of Daniel.
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I'm so glad you made a post for this! I love that in the middle of this crazy, funny, sexy episode there's that conversation in the car between Tiffany and Issa.

Kelli was amazing. Natasha Rothwell hits so many different notes of funny, I don't think I could ever get tired of Kelli.

I'm not a TeamLawrence or team anyone, really. I just love what Issa goes through with him. And, I love the writers intentionally filming a reaction gif in that scene.
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Also, totally want to clarify my original comment: I am definitely not rejoicing the return of #LawrenceHive. Lawrence, sure, but #LawrenceHive is exasperating. They really don’t seem to get that his character is just as complicated and flawed as everyone else on the show. And that in the beginning, he was not a great boyfriend.

Agree that Natasha Rothwell is killing it this season, and so is Amanda Seales. I like that we got to see more from them this episode and hope the show continues to expand their storylines.
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I can't stop laughing at "remember me different" when Kelli got Tased and peed her pants.
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