Insecure: Season 3, Episode 6: Ready-Like
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Issa plans a new project; Molly avoids a new guy's advances; the girls are surprised by Tiffany's baby-shower attendees.
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"You are so single a tumbleweed just rolled out of your pussy."
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This was such a funny episode for being so emotionally fraught. When Tiffany brings up Candance's pregnancy, I out-loud gasped. Poor Molly. Dro is the worst. If the show is putting Molly through so much awfulness, I hope there's something good planned for her.

The Derek/Chad/Lawrence drinks conversation killed me. I love Chad.

"I don't know what you said, but you know who does? God." Musiqal is the worst name ever. Bless Issa's friends for telling her.
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The best thing about this show is how effortlessly it can have you rolling on the floor in tears of laughter, and the next moment your heart sinks because you felt that awkward, terrible, or crushing moment. Issa Rae is Issa Rae, but she's also a modern Chaplin, or Giulietta Masina.

That whole scene where "Musiqal" came up was the funniest scene of the show. Oh god. To be able to write comedy TV like that. And perform comedy tv like that.

OK, serious talk:

What does everyone think is going on with Nathan? Some folks had already theorized that he may be homeless. Now people seem to think it's because he's a criminal. I'm not sure I agree.

Although we can't believe anything he says anymore, it seems (I now question his simple explanation that he just up and left Houston after the hurricane because sure why not - seems simple, but it's also... too simple).

For one. They really push the "indoor/outdoor", "public/private" dichotomies with Nathan's scenes. And his character is presented to us in such a way that he is completely unbodied from the anchors we'd expect to learn something about by now- a job or income source, a permanent place to call home, a family.

This isn't my first guess, and I feel a bit uneasy saying it, but part of me wonders if he's a low level grifter. Maybe he doesn't steal money from women but he romances them for a place to sleep, some food. Maybe he grifts on his friends and that's how he ends up at Beychella.

Maybe he lost his family in Hurricane Harvey. Maybe he does have a wife/kids he's tried to run away from. Who knows.

That look on Issa's face at the end, though. She said more with her eyes and face in ten seconds than she has all season.
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Also, I hope the whole damn hypocritical slut-shaming #LawrenceHive heard this one loud and clear: "[Issa's] not a ho. She just did some ho shit." Props to Lawrence.
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i loved and hated how they left us really no clues wrt Nathan. god damn this show is just so good. I hope there is more to it than him getting close to her just to grift or smooth over the assault complaint from the party lyft.

in addition to the excellent "not a ho/just some ho shit" line i also want to give them serious props for giving us hot/sexualized asian guy as possibly the first likable non-black character, sorry frieda (but then i did a bad thing and started reading shit on the internet and i guess there is a long-standing discussion of Issa and her thoughts on Asian men.)
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Exceptional_Hubris: Yeah, I remember that was a thing (her comments on asian men) a few months ago. I think impact matters more than intention, and if the impact from those statements has been negative for folks in those communities, then it's a problem. It seemed like she wanted to be pretty clear (but still failed) that she disagreed with those stereotypes and felt a kind of kindredness/allegiance with asian men as being statistically the least responded to (along with black women) on online dating sites; that her entire take was to mock and satirize the racism she was seeing in online dating.
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With everything I’ve seen on twitter complaining about them not using condoms I thought it was funny and great to see Lawrence ho-ing it up and then sitting in a doctor office being told to use protection.
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I love that doing that and having the doctor say *to Lawrence* to use protection has the show putting the responsibility directly on him where it belongs.
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