The Great British Bake Off: Bread Week
September 11, 2018 10:10 PM - Season 9, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It's that dread week, Bread Week on the third episode of this season's Great British Bake Off. Our bakers begin with a Chelsea Bun Signature Challenge, tackle Garlic Naan for their Technical Challenge, and vie for the top spot with spectacular Korovai Show Stoppers.
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That's a Chelsea bun for Antony. :`(
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Antony's Chelsea buns sounded delicious. Honestly, they were the ones I most wanted to eat. (Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of proper Chelsea buns or of squishy sticky treats generally, and I like them to be a bit hard and crunchy on the outside; I often prefer them stale, and I'll toast them or 'caramelise' them by sticking them in a microwave until the edges harden up, because I am a monster.) I think the judges generally -- and maybe Paul particularly -- don't like peanut butter and maybe don't understand it? I always worry when people use it. So sad to lose Antony; he seemed like such a lovely ray of sunshine, and he took interesting risks.

It's petty and wrong but I was annoyed when Terry won the Technical because I knew it would be enough to save him if (when) his showstopper went awry. My hatred of him is 100% irrational and 110% sincere :/ THE FACT THAT I CANNOT JUSTIFY MY DISLIKE OF HIM MAKES ME DISLIKE HIM EVEN MORE SOMEHOW. UGH.

I suppose I can comfort myself with the fact that Briony stayed (because she is delightful) and with Rahul's blossoming into a double Star Baker -- deservedly so, as his showstopper is one of the best I can remember, bread or otherwise. he is so self-deprecating and anxious and i love him so much and he bakes things "to make new friends" oh my heart

I think I'm also finally coming around to the new hosts? I will always have a crush on Sue Perkins but Noel is a sweet and gentle and charming weirdo and I am beginning to warm to him.
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As much as I miss Sue and Mel, Sandi and Noel have really stepped up to the plate. The end of S8 nearly did me in when you could see them become increasingly verklempt every time they had to lose another baker. I was worried about Noel at first, but am relieved he's reflecting kindhearted zookeeper Vince Noir from S1 of the Mighty Boosh, instead of the shallow scenester from S3.

And him drawing the sweary cat for Briony? AHHHH! <3
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i... kind of want a tattoo of that sweary cat, ngl, it matches the aesthetic of some of my other work
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Oh my god, look! Pheasants!

Rahul confirmed my favorite.
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The cat korovai! I can't imagine eating them, but it was wonderful.
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Dear sweet Antony, you'll be missed. Three episodes in and I'm already getting upset when the other bakers have to leave.

Rahul bakes to make friends? That's adorable. I did the same thing when I moved to my new city. I kept bringing cupcakes to social events until people started calling me the Cupcake Lady. But I also met the beau at those events so... I guess it worked?

Anyway! The bakes. So many delicious Chelsea Buns, which I've never had but kind of want to now. I think I could maybe make those myself, which is exciting.

I'd made naan before, but fried and with yeast, but I might try finding their recipe if it's posted online somewhere to make myself. I liked Ruby's reaction to the technical - I don't make naan! I get it from the freezer and put it in the toaster.

Signatures! I'm sorry that Briony's didn't turn out very well, because I absolutely loved her Rapunzel's tower design. Rahul's was absolutely stunning, and Kim-Joy definitely does cute well.
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Weather-wise, this would have been a much better week for the chocolate collars, apparently. Say what you will about Paul Hollywood, but that man can wear the hell out of a coat.
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Yeah, Ruby and I have the same attitude towards naan. Freezer, toaster, yum.

I loved Antony's response to the technical. We don't even make naan! We make roti!

I sorta failed to pay attention during the showstopper bake, but Rahul's was just fantastic at presentation.
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I love that all the Indians failed the naan bake. (GBBO, naan without yeast?!) I loved seeing them clutching each other during the judgement; I'm really going to miss the desi trio representing their different regional influences.

Antony had one of my favourite reactions ever in GBBO: "Indian food has never stressed me so much!" I cackled.

I'd feel the same way if I couldn't use yeast to bake naan. I come from a North Indian family (so naan is common at festivities) and while I've baked naan sometimes with my family -- it's not at all a regular occurrence. First of all, naan is not something you'd eat daily; it's party food. And when you need a bunch, you'd get it from a restaurant that uses an actual tandoor. Our ovens don't get high enough in temperature to reproduce the effect of the tandoor. If all else fails, do what Ruby does and get packages of ready made naan from your local Indian* grocer, and toast them.

*I'm looking at you, Loblaws' "PC Traditional Naan Flatbreads" with your non-traditional inclusion of egg in the dough. Ugh.
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This is me, but with Kim-Joy, who makes my eye twitch like Brock Samson's. I actually quite like Terry.

Also Ruby saying that at least she hadn't done the worst of the Indians in the tent on the naan challenge? Made me love her.

Aww Antony....I will miss him, he was insanely charming.
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Kim-Joy reminds me of Jordan the IT Guy from 2014 (we were just binging everything on US netflix) -- both trying too hard to be funny and quirky and both very... performative... about it.
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I liked Antony. And oh man when he said they were happy tears, I almost started balling. I am going to miss him a lot.

Just a side note-a towering decorative marriage bread! I like this much better than the idea of wedding cake.
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I’m in love with Briony! Actually there are quite a few bakers this season that I would adore to have a slice of cake and a coffee with.

I’m craving hot garlicky naan now.
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