Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: The Boy
September 13, 2018 9:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Jack and Greer try to convince their superiors to lead a covert ground assault to capture Suleiman. Jack's double life costs him an important relationship.

CIA operational security seems rather full of holes, as they hand a young girl a handheld game that she promptly uses to contact her brother. They are, of course, closely monitoring the communications from their safehouse and closely monitoring the online game that seems to be a go-to communication channel for these terrorists. Oh wait, they didn’t do either and the hastily-planned raid on the compound turns up nothing but hostages conveniently left behind. (It turns out that Suleiman’s plan to casually monitor his son’s online communications in case he gets tipped off about an imminent raid is vastly superior. Does his son know that his dad plays the game, too? Do they ever go on raids together?)

The streams cross, naturally, and Cathy learns that he nerdy State Dept nerd boyfriend is really a CIA officer. She’s sad, but he points out that it’s either him or some dingus she finds on Tinder, and then they realize that they just delivered Ebola to the president’s left ear.

Victor goes back for the eggs that he so vastly overpaid to get. No, wait, that didn’t happen, either. No sign of him.
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