The Vampire Diaries: Black Hole Sun
October 28, 2014 6:45 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

When Damon and Bonnie realize that uncovering a time in Damon’s past may provide clues to finding their way home, Damon is forced to relive one of the worst days of his life. After an awkward run-in with Jo at the hospital, Alaric steps in to help Jeremy get his life together and cope with the loss of Bonnie. Elsewhere, Stefan attempts to show Elena what it’s like to start over and create a new identity, while an unsuspecting Matt finds himself in a disturbing situation when Tripp lets him in on a dark secret. Lastly, Stefan, who is desperate to regain some normalcy in his life, is stunned when an unexpected visitor shows up.

Highlights -- the fake proposal! Matt (aka Puddin' Pop) playing dumb to get in Tripp's secrets! Evil Damon flashbacks (though that massacre was super uncool)!

Lowlights -- Jeremy moping (take your shirt, Jeremy, and THEN you can mope)! The return of Ivy! The super villainous Kai! The continuing use of 90s music titles for the episodes!
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I know nothing of this show but just skimmed the title as "The Vagina Diaries: Black Hole Sun".

Makes the summary even more surreal.
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Hands up if you want to see a Stefan Gets Beat Up For Sad Reasons supercut. Maybe to The Youngbloods' version of "Get Together."

They're really doubling down on the Kai Sux Club - although why Damon didn't just rip his head off the moment he released Bonnie, I dunno.
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