American Vandal Season 2 - Mrs. Wexler’s role
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How did Mrs. Wexler play in to Kevin’s confession?

In the first episode, Mrs. Wexler took Kevin out of the interrogation, and when Kevin returns, his story changes completely and he confesses to all three crimes. Later, Kevin recants and we learn or presume that Mrs. Wexler convinced Kevin to confess for Reasons. Kevin sort of hand waves over her pressuring him, but of course, later, we learn of Kevin's actual involvement. So, what are those Reasons? If they explained that I completely missed it.
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I think the reasoning was that she had borne the full brunt of the PR backlash at the school and wanted to A.) Get someone to confess so that she wouldn't have to deal with angry parents anymore and B.) So that by appearing competent enough to find and punish the culprit, the school would keep the support of wealthy donors that were threatening to pull their kids out of the school.
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I understand why she wanted him to confess. Sorry, I didn't word that very clearly. I mean, what were the compelling reasons for Kevin to agree? I understand that the storytellers are highlighting false confessions, but within the reality of the show, what convinced Kevin to confess? Or maybe, what did we learn by the end of the series that wasn't just Kevin's initial explanation? I feel like there should have been more exposition later on, and that I've missed that somehow.
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I didn’t think the reasons given by Kevin in Ep 2 were handwavey. He claims she promised him that if he confessed, he would get a two week suspension and the school wouldn’t press charges. If he didn’t, they would expel him and press charges. That’s a pretty compelling reason to confess. (Of course then she went back on her word and expelled and charged him anyway).
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I guess I missed the threat of expulsion. I think that's pretty weak pressure though, because there's no way an expulsion would stick on little to no evidence. But, I also understand the need to include a false confession in the story.
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