Insecure: Season 3, Episode 8: Ghost-Like [Season Finale]
September 30, 2018 9:06 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

After facing numerous obstacles, Issa gets discouraged about her project. Molly helps give Issa a drama-free 30th birthday.
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It felt like this season was a setup for the next season. Issa will want to work with that friend of Tiffany's who will be dating Lawrence...
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I might be a monster because I think Molly sending Nathan packing was the right move. Issa enjoyed her birthday, made a good professional connection, was inspired by the night. If Nathan had surprised her right before going out, it would have ruined her night. It was an overstep, but what else do you do when Nathan is an idiot who wants to spoil a woman's 30th?

Andrew has a ton of hair! I had no idea he was hiding that much hair.

I would really have liked to see Tiffany and Kelli make up, especially Kelli getting the godmother nod.
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I'm having a lot of unexpected feelings about Andrew and his flowing mane. Hot damn. Molly better not fuck that up.

Also having a lot of feelings, although expected ones, about Nathan's return and excuse for ghosting. Mostly because I'm being ghosted via the slow fade method right now, I think, and I feel like if I ever get to hear an excuse it's going to sound something like Nathan's. So frustrating. But I was proud of Issa for standing her ground. By the end of this season, she was putting her life in order and enjoying the fruits of her labors in her own home, unlike previous seasons where she was emotionally wrecked or destroying her things in a fit of rage or sleeping on someone else's couch. To quote Kelli, you know what that is? Growth.
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Regarding Nathan ghosting Issa, his rambling and vague explanation sounded like someone trying to explain their depression without really having the self-knowledge or vocabulary to do it facilely. Maybe next season will get at his mental health issues, which would correlate to rising interest among the black community in seeking therapy. Insecure would be doing a public service to address stigma surrounding it.

Insecure has addressed therapy before; Molly sought therapy at the beginning of season two and interviewed a bunch of providers trying to find a good fit. IIRC There was a lot of discussion about struggling over how things "should" be and that Molly was torn between wanting effective therapy and balking at the therapist's attempts to get her to talk about real issues and not just fill time with discussions about work drama. Didn't Molly complain that the therapist was "getting all up in her business" or something like that? However, she also advised Issa that she might find it beneficial.

Maybe Issa decides to help Nathan or maybe she decides she doesn't have enough spoons for that. Either way, it could be interesting.
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I may have started following the actor that plays Andrew on Instagram after I saw his hair.
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He has nice hair but is an atrocious actor, esp. when compared to the talent on the show.
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I'm so happy with everyone's progress this season.

Longshot theory.

Season 4: Issa deals with getting knocked up on a ferris wheel at Coachella.

1. Everyone's fucking without protection and Lawrence's consequences is foreshadowy.

2. Molly comments on how much she's eating when they get breakfast together.
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