Insecure: Season 3, Episode 7: Obsessed-like
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Girl, he buys you one taco and you bust it wide open on a ferris wheel.
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If you have never ever behaved like Issa in that episode- well, you're way more pulled together than I'll ever be.
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The only reason I haven't behaved exactly like Issa is because I'm not clever enough to make a fake Instagram account. Watching this was uncomfortably familiar.

Issa's voiceover was excellent. She's totally in her head, and we're in her head. I did love her internal monologue replying to Molly after they left Andrew/Nathan's house.

The Lawrence/church story was good. Have we ever seen Kelli and Chad meet? I feel like they should meet.
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I loved the tension created in this episode by Issa's internal monologue and spiraling out of control vis-a-vis her efforts to figure out what's up with Nathan. I really like the Issa character and found myself actually saying "Don't do it!" out loud to Mr. Carmicha during the scenes when she's in Nathan's bedroom.

But Molly. For someone who seemingly has her act together this episode was a disaster. She blew it with pony-tail guy (sorry, blanking on the character's name) for no good reason and, worse, she continues her uninterrupted streak of alienating people at her new law firm while trying to demonstrate competence. Her storyline was super uncomfortable too.

Love this show.
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You can unsend Instagram messages?!

(I love Issa and this show. Though it needs more Kelli.)
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