Suits: Play the Man
October 2, 2018 6:24 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Mike takes on Louis' protégé during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but his past with the opposing counsel complicates matters. [IMDB]
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- Donna was my highlight for this episode with her hamming it up for a "lead role" in the mock trial.
- Jenny seems to be a waste of time as a romantic interest for Mike. I just don't see the chemistry like between him and Rachel.
- The whole Scottie relationship was a bit weird. I get that it serves as a contrast to Mike's mock trial. Harvey essentially threw Scottie under the bus in prioritising his client's interests whereas Mike was criticised by Jessica for going soft on Rachel. However, the last conversation between Harvey and Scottie was weird, with her confessing she was going to be engaged. I mean, what was the point in telling Harvey that she cheated on her partner? Was she going to tell him regardless of getting fired from her client? Mayyybe she was letting him know that if they stop being fuck buddies it's because she's getting married and not because he got her fired and that's why Harvey should not be "sorry"? But that wasn't that clear.
posted by like_neon at 6:35 AM on October 2, 2018

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