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On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.


Suits: The Shelf Life  Season 1, Episode 10

Harvey must fire an accountant for falsifying his credentials, but Mike finds a more sinister motive for his termination and becomes concerned about his own employment. Meanwhile, Louis thinks he's found his future wife. [IMDB]
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Suits: Undefeated  Season 1, Episode 9

Harvey meets his match in a cocky opposing counsel in a class action lawsuit, and Mike unknowingly helps frame Rachel as a traitor to the firm.
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Suits: Identity Crisis  Season 1, Episode 8

Harvey and Louis come to blows after Louis' reckless behavior threatens to cost the firm a case, while Mike is assigned to a businessman who is trying to get back money from his estranged daughter. [IMDB]
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Suits: Play the Man  Season 1, Episode 7

Mike takes on Louis' protégé during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but his past with the opposing counsel complicates matters. [IMDB]
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Suits: Tricks of the Trade  Season 1, Episode 6

Harvey and Mike try to prove that a woman accused of insider trading is innocent. Mike also tries to help Rachel study for the LSAT, but he soon finds out she is close to uncovering his secret. [IMDB]
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Suits: Bail Out  Season 1, Episode 5

Harvey is a witness for his driver in a civil suit, and has to rely on Louis for help. Mike bails his old friend Trevor out of jail. [IMDB]
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Suits: Dirty Little Secrets  Season 1, Episode 4

Harvey defends someone from Jessica's past. Meanwhile, Mike is assigned his first solo case and his secret is almost discovered. [IMDB]
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Suits: Inside Track  Season 1, Episode 3

Harvey asks Mike to find a loophole so that he can oust the incoming CEO of a motor company he represents, while Louis puts outrageous demands on Mike as he tries to make arrangements for the Rookie Dinner. [IMDB]
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Suits: Errors and Omissions  Season 1, Episode 2

Harvey discovers that the judge in his patent case has a personal vendetta against him, while Louis tries to blackmail Mike in order to get his help bringing in a valuable client. [IMDB]
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Suits: Pilot  Season 1, Episode 1

A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate. [IMDB]
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Suits: To Trouble  Season 6, Episode 1

Mike goes to prison and learns that it isn't Shawshank, but that doesn't mean it's a country club, either. In the meantime, everyone outside the main cast (plus Benjamin the IT Guy) has left the firm, and all their clients ever are suing for $100M because of Mike's fraudulent lawyerdom. [more inside]
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Suits: Tick Tock  Season 5, Episode 15

Mike briefly gets lucky with a great witness. As the jury deliberates, questions about loyalty are raised. Mike and Harvey make some tough decisions, trying to protect each other. [more inside]
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Suits: Denial  Season 5, Episode 1

Donna still wants to work for Louis, but Louis doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Harvey, who doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Louis, who doesn't want her pity... . Basically, this one's all about how awesome Donna is -- as the whole show should be. [more inside]
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Suits: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner  Season 4, Episode 2

Can Mike out-Harvey Harvey? Who deserves a corner office? Is Donna losing her edge? And what exactly does Louis like to eat for "breakfast, lunch, and dinner"?
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Suits: "One-Two-Three Go..."  Season 4, Episode 1

Mike - and his big secret - have fled the nest of Pearson-Spector to an investment banking firm, which shortly leads to him picking a fight with his former mentor, Harvey. [more inside]
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